Half-Life 2 showed indistinguishable from real dinosaurs

A new video appeared on the network, which showed indistinguishable from real dinosaurs that appeared in the action Half-life 2developed by the studio Valve.

A team of enthusiasts working on a modification of Jurassic Life for Half-Life 2 released a new video in which they showed an updated model of the velociraptor. According to Gamebomb.ru, the developers noted that this is still not a complete dinosaur model, but at the moment it looks very realistic. It is worth noting that in the video itself, the project team showed a little gameplay, in which a small battle against the velociraptor was shown.


In a modification called Jurassic Life, players will play as ranger Robert Muldoon, who was hired to maintain order in the Jurassic Park. This park is located on Nublar Island. It is worth noting that the plot of the modification for Half-Life 2 is not based solely on the films or novels of this universe. The creators of Jurassic Life came up with a completely new story. However, the project team notes that some scenes from the original film will be present in the game.

According to Gamebomb.ru, it is not yet known when the release of the Jurassic Life modification will take place. It is also not known whether the project will have its own demo version.