The plot is supplied in the form of simple ones illustrations accompanied same voice of the narrator. Coupled with the beautiful design of the underwater world and music suitable for the tone of this creates a pleasant atmosphere. Initially, in the arsenal of homemade swimming means there is absolutely nothing but tools found with time will bring some benefit.

Magnetic claw on the chain will snap objects and to defend themselves against intrusive fowl, reinforced engine allows to overcome the force of underwater currents and spotlights scare hulking jellyfish, interferes in the way. It is in the spirit of the genre and retains an interest in the study and search of secrets, at least in the first half of the passage.

The problems begin after a couple of hours, when it becomes apparent obvious flaws design. Fight not just interested, this tiring and annoying. And the thing is small Diversity and bad placement of enemies. I think the reason is the lack of understanding in what “metroidvanii” do we need enemies.

For example, in a remarkable Guacamelee! fights were interesting and dynamic, due to the abundance of available techniques, types of enemies and polished to a high gloss combo system. In the very same “Metroid” most enemies are not presented absolutely no danger and served as a source of replenishment of health and ammo.

Song of the Deep, it seems, does not know why it hostile life forms. Instead of evenly placed aggressive animals on the locations, it dumped on the player’s huge waves, often locking up while in a small room.

Floppy bathyscaphe is not able in time to dodge all the pretensions even when fully prokachannom engine, and the arsenal, even at the very end of the game consists of a claw and three types of torpedoes, not enough variety for the massacre of harassing opponents.

The abundance of puzzles, too often put a spoke in the wheel during the study locations. They are not complicated, some of them quite creative, but too many of them, and their decision is associated with far more of action than we would like.

Classic puzzles to redirect the rays? Why not a dozen of these, outstretched on the world game would not cause censures, but not worth the filling of the whole location, each of the rooms which is all the more irritated. Drag and drop the mines, always tending to the surface, or pushing hazardous areas through the maze too badly on my nerves.

That’s because mine is, for example, is ready to be detonated by any touch and drag it is to be through the narrow winding corridor. It turns out that we have to repeat the same action five times,

Segment where you want to swim through a cave in total darkness with the help of sonar, could be considered successful if it were not for one thing: a lot of fast-moving deadly enemies. The fact that they are attracted to light – a good reason why you can not just turn on the spotlight, but slowly raznosyaschiesya sonar waves fast enough delineate what is happening around.

As a result, it does not matter, you have time to notice the lightning predator or not – death is still overtake you, and 90% of your success depends only on luck. All together, it certainly does not make the Song of the Deep in failure, but deals a heavy blow replayability and leave an unpleasant aftertaste.

It is also a serious mistake, in my opinion, was to fill the bulk of the corners of the underwater world coins and enter the store for buying upgrades. Just imagine what would have happened, for example, Super Metroid, if there are two-thirds of subjects turned into loans packs, and to buy the expansion of ammunition could be on seyvpointah.

First, the fun and excitement of discovery secret and solve the puzzle completely evaporate when the reward for it – a measly 10 coins. Secondly, already in the middle of the game you will be able to purchase more or less interesting upgrades, lost all motivation to ransack every corner. That “metroidvanii” could be worse ?!