NBA 2K17

NBA 2K is the benchmark sports saga. The good work of Visual Concepts has allowed the franchise to become an example to follow in what sports recreation is referred to in videogame format. And the 2K17 edition maintains that level. Every year it seems more complicated to think about what can be polished a solid and sublime format like that of the last deliveries.


And although there are always things to improve – sometimes more, sometimes less – the truth is that the feeling is that 2K always manages to advance on some front. And that happens with the new installment of the most successful basketball saga to date. The legend continues to forge its name.

The franchise is overwhelming in terms of content, recreation of the NBA and options for the player, whether you want to enjoy alone or if you want to do it with friends or online. This does not change, nor does that fidelity so characteristic of the saga on all levels.


The broadcasts really look like television, the personalization options are always thought within the framework of what the NBA means in all senses (stars, seasons full of matches, economic management, beyond the tracks, etc). We speak of a saga that moves in a


media in Metacritic over 85 in his last installments. And the numbers do not stop being numbers, especially when we talk about a compilation of media notes that have different scoring scales between them, but it does serve to show a trend.

Road to glory

My careerIt is one of the two major axes (the other is My Team) in which all NBA 2K17 rotates. Maybe it does not have the pomposity of a story from the hand of Spike Lee, but the feeling is that the integration between history and a career mode to use is more than remarkable.


We will start creating our character with endless possibilities (including face scan through the mobile game app) and we will decide several statistics and particularities that will shape the way we play and develop.


The height and width mark our strength, agility and movements, while the type of player will also make clear the role we will adopt in the game. It is not the same a sniper forward with tremendous stats in triple and half distance that a king defender of the rebound and a wall even for players like Lebron or George.

Decided the type of player we want to be, we will begin our journey in the university league. Concrete challenges that are interspersed with cinematic


elements as if it were an adventure. Our relationship with teammates, girls, our mother calling from home to know how we are doing … the role played by all actors is more than interesting. The mother obsessed with the triumph of the son, our avatar playing at the console with his great friend, the nickname that we have and that


indicates that we are a great promise (Pres, of ” Mr. President “) or the television news talking about us. When we succeed in the university league we will arrive at the Draft , we will make the leap to the NBA and start the really good thing.

Our player has a full agenda of things to do. The most important, of course, is to train. The change we noticed from the University, where we put baskets


of all colors and all distances, to the NBA, where we are a rookie with an average of 64 that hardly hits a shot, is a success that perfectly reflects many


of the cases that happen year after year. Attending the training allows us to practice shots, defensive plays, strategies of all kinds and enjoy making real training proposals (like three teams of three rotating on the track when one scores) to gradually increase the statistics.