Ubisoft rebuilds creative team to create more unique games

The past year has become for Ubisoft disappointing: The division 2 did not live up to expectations, but Ghost recon breakpoint failed miserably.

The French company took what happened with complete seriousness, so it rebuilt its creative group – it is a team of 100 people who is responsible for the creative decisions of the corporation, approving everything from game design to script.

It was she who, over the past 20 years, has decided which games to release better, what to bet on, what better to change to improve the audience’s perception, and the like. Recently, thanks to this group, Ubisoft titles have their own DNA.

True, it has become both a strong point of the company and its weakness – Ubisoft projects have become too similar to each other. That is why, in general, they postponed the output of three large projects at once: Watch dogs legion, Gods & monsters and Rainbow six quarantine.
According to the publication Video Games Chronicle, Ubisoft decided to expand the creative group so that the company’s line of games would become much more diverse, rather than a variation of one scheme (open world, online betting, systematicity and serviceability) within different brands.

Inside the group there will be leaders who will “lead” certain Ubisoft brands: Assassin’s creed, Ghost recon, Rainbow six etc. They will be able to make more independent decisions as part of their franchise without trying to make “another Ubisoft game.”

As a result of perestroika, at least one Ubisoft Montreal game was canceled, the development of which managed to advance quite far, and a number of other projects began to be reworked to make them more unique. Ubisoft spoke about this almost directly when she put off Watch Dogs Legion and other titles.