We have greatly enjoyed the trip he proposes, because history , without being disruptive, is followed with interest. Its action


takes place in the present, but the events it refers to go back to the 1940s, at a time when a US scientist with the pretensions of greatness wants to create a weapon even more fearsome than the atomic bomb. And here comes into play one of the key pieces in this work of Blue Isle Studios : a futuristic retro suit, named LEAF


, with which we can not only move at great speed and perform impossible jumps, also play with life and death ; absorb the vita


l essenceof animals and plants to use at our whim. A great idea, promising as few, and yet totally wasted. In the end it is not good for anything. Or yes, well, to see what a forest with dead trees looks like and vice versa, to give life to areas that previously did not have it. The point is that for practical purposes its value is practically zero.



Between life and death

It is hard to understand when, in reality, all that vital energy that we accumulate in the suit does have a real weight in the action. It is our health meter, and also also, the ammunition that we use to fight the few enemies that we will cross on the way, without forgetting certain mechanisms that only react to this power. Issue? There are so many energy orb

s scattered around, before our eyes, with which to recharge, that what could have been a cruel way of facing a hard emotional, ethical trance, ended up being nothing; A curiosity, yes, but that does not affect you in any way. And it is even worse when you discover that when you die , the world around you also loses some of its vitality.


Valley analysis

The great mystery surrounding the Valley is a good excuse to continue exploring, although the story that tells us is not especially original.

It’s a great effect. If you fall too many times in a row, what were formerly leafy areas become páramos without any color. So it’s time t


o invest energy to bring life back to the place. The idea, you see, sounds fantastic, but not the execution. We return to the same as before. If you really had to decide whether or not to kill a deer to open a hidden passage, exploring the Valley world would be a more rewarding experience, at least more personal, deeper emotionally. It is not


the case. Despite their efforts the video game does not end connecting, to catch as it should do with an argument premise so attractive. So


in the end you will limit yourself to running, jumping, because you will do it as if it were a platform, and fight again and again in a succession of simple battles against enemies, so many or more simpletons, who always use the same combat tactics.


Valley PC

Despite being plagued by good ideas, the Blue Isle Studios video game meets the right in each and every one of its sections

There is a lot of potential in Valley. It is not only that it allows you to explore scenarios with some freedom in some sections of the adv

enture, it also incorporates a system of skill progression that allows you to learn new movements , new ways to overcome obstacles wit
h double jump, the use of magnetic boots with which to walk on vertical walls, the option to run on water, or even a hook with which to reach from a rush distant areas. There are options, yes, but in th
e end the action feels corseted, too limited to a linear path from which it is difficult to escape. We speak therefore of a game more focused on the narrative than on the purely playable challenges, which have them, and as such, does not measure up. Something is missing


Valley PC


Exploration and platting command in Valley, but there are also times for combat. Not too many and very repetitive, we will soon tire of them.

We pointed out that history is followed with interest. There is tension, a certain aura of suspense, which helps to improve the sensations with the video game. But this is an effect that little by little is diluted. The narrative is somewhat clumsy


, irregular, with attractive moments that intermingle with other more tedious, without any grace. Valley bet here for audio recordin


gs and text messages ( in English ) as the only way of communication with the player, but unlike works like BioShock, it is difficult


to pick up pace and, more importantly, catch you in their networks. Except for some other unexpected turn, what they tell us does not get to sink deep; Interested, because in the end the topics they deal with are interesting, but not at the expected level. It is a constant in Valley.


Despite being plagued by good ideas, the video game of Blue Isle Studios meets the right in each and every one of its sections. Even at th


e audiovisual level 

It is a work with many chiaroscuros. There are scenarios of great beauty, areas that you long to explore for the many mysteries that you understand are hidden; and then you find places with little inspiration, too simple in their architecture or repetitive in the aesthetic. There is no middle ground in this video game th


at technically speaking, it is not the panacea either. Observing certain objects in detail denotes the modest character of a work that, yes,


treasures moments for memory. Especially when the protagonist starts running and the music starts playing. What music! Of high level and according to what is shown on the screen. That’s when the grief ends up invading your body.



You feel, you know, that this videogame could have flown high, very high, and yet it is too earthy, simple both in the plot and in the pl


ayable. It has the potential, but it does not take advantage of it except on rare occasions. And the result is what you see. A video game that can entertain, that will make you taste with interest the story that narrates, but that pales before other works that, within this style, manage to touch the fiber or, at least, make you think.