The Guest

And of course, you do not remember anything at all; neither what you do there nor how you have finished that way. What for more than one ro


cker of the eighties was the usual, sometimes also desirable, in The Guest becomes the starting point of an enigmatic puzzle adventure in the first person who plays his cards very well when what is involved is to create suspe


nse. It is not an adventure of terror, go ahead, but there is much intrigue around the strange situation in which the protagonist of the work is inv


olved, a certain Doctor Evgueni Leonov, that by the papers that it has to his around we know it is the main star of a great scientific congress.


Do you want to know more? You will have to investigate thoroughly the claustrophobic environment in which you find yourself acting as if yo


u were real detectives. There is no other, and it is something that we love. Look through the newspaper cutout, pay attention to the canvas of a painting, take a look through the drawers and cupboards … our hotel room is full o


clues without which it will be impossible to solve the various puzzles that the work poses, thus recovering a lot I guess the spirit of the great classic adventures with which we enjoyed so much years ago.


A mystery to solve

In The Guest, nobody tells you what to do or how to do it. You explore, look for clues and move on. There’s no more. That is why the satisfaction generated by overcoming the challenges of the work is so great. Maybe in some moments of the game, for th

e cryptic of some tests, you feel somewhat lost; but as soon as you hit the right key, when you understand what “that clue there” meant or that messa
ge written on the wall, pride will take over you and you will feel like Sherlock Holmes himself. Achievement that not far reach other adventures of the style.


The Guest analysis

The puzzles follow the style of the great classic adventures of the past. They are ingenious and, best of all, they feel perfectly integrated in the action.

So the sensations with this video game from the Spanish studio Team Gotham could not be better. There is intrigue, a good plot b


ackground and above all, a good puzzle design that also feel perfectly integrated into the action. Decipher secret codes, combine objects with each other, find the right color sequence, search coordinates on a map … beyond the variety of


tests we will face, what we like most about the adventure is that you never feel that these puzzles are there because they’re supposed to be there; they


have not gotten into a shoehorn to pose challenges and that’s it. There is a certain logic in all the tests and a good thread that takes you from one to the other in a subtle way. Something that also has merit.


The Guest PC

The Guest makes good use of lighting, which in some cases will play an important role in the resolution of the puzzles

The pity is that The Guest is exceeded in about four or five hours , and once you finish the adventure there are few reasons to return to it. The story that counts is not bad and manages to catch you to the end, but its closure does not have that point of brillian

ce of other similar games. There are surprises and the action, as we said, flows naturally without feeling forced, which is already an aspect that
denotes great creative talent on the part of those responsible for the game; but it lacks that something that ends up definitely catching you.


His commitment to a dark setting , almost a crime novel, feels really good, making you want to immerse yourself more and more in that great mystery that hide the walls of the hotel. There is not much to explore, it is true, because the dimensions of the stage ar


e rather fair, but everything that is shown on the screen is designed with pleasure. In addition The Guest makes good use of lighting, which in so


me cases will play an important role in the resolution of the puzzles. As for the sound, it has a smaller presence than we imagined, without surprising neither at a musical level nor with its sound effects.


The Guest

In some moments of the game our protagonist will suffer from hallucinations that will only end taking a pill.

There is therefore a lot of potential, great ideas and good execution, but The Guest has lacked more puzzles to solve, or at least a story that really left its


mark. It has its moments of greatness and it can not be said that it does anything wrong for that, even with its buts, it is a video game with which it is enjoyed.