David Attenborough’s Atomic Ghost Fleet, a historic VR experience

Virtual reality has come to market by offering a unique way of enjoying content, promising incredible and breathtaking experiences. Every single product linked to the famous viewer impresses with wonder and amazement, and possible applications are still an unexplored field. What is often to be done is, however, to experiment with simple, traditional content on the new technology platform, sometimes successful and sometimes not capturing the added value that one might give to the experience.


Alchemy VR Ltd. in collaboration with the well-known British scientific publisher David Attenborough finds this technology an unforgettable opportunity and gives us a tour through three chapters: First Life, Cocos Sharkand Atomic Ghost Fleet . In this article we will look at this, trying to find out if the trip submerged in the famous Bikini Atoll emerges or not from the stack a little bit of VR products .


Looking at the vote you can get an idea of ​​how much this experience but not quite successful. We also recall that these products are classified as App VR and therefore do not have any kind of interaction, except that of using the viewer itself.

A fascinating environment

The Bikini Atoll, located in the Pacific Ocean, became the center of American nuclear experimentation during the Crossroads operationabout 70 years ago. The heads were unloaded on a sea-going fleet and still the atolls of the atoll keep them unaltered and immovable, like a scar witnessing the events. In 2010, the area was declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO and today, with your viewer, you will discover the hidden wonders of this place. The project is certainly fascinating and of great historical importance.

The 18-minute experience includes a trip through several wrecks with accurate descriptions of historic events and arsenals present. The exploration crew will then finish the tour by exploring the interior of a last ship, creating one of the most exciting and thrilling moments. A missed opportunity


On Atomic Ghost Fleet paper would be promoted with full marks, but in the realization it did not convince us much. The VR quality of submarine shooting does not give a detail and depth to suit many parts of the tour.The difference with the few scenes above sea level means that this time is not the fault of the PS4 viewer. Underwater shooting is not always clean and crisp, and sometimes you can see jabs and deformations at some points in the video.


The narrator voice will guide you and explain, with the help of some clips, what you will be watching. Historical movies are interesting and add an important part to the narrative, while taking away some space to admire scenarios without too much distraction; in general, however, the pace is good. During our journey there will be cross-fades transitions that are quite annoying between various parts of the tour.


These disorient the user and also give some slight feeling of nausea, especially when the scene changes take place on the move. Usually in these cases, developers use a black fade before re-launching the new scene, just to avoid situations like this. Overall, however, the experience is generally enjoyable and positive, not entirely convincing but with some really interesting pearls – especially the final journey inside the ship.


This few minutes show is almost entirely displayed in the trailer, so if you are going to enjoy the experience, we do not recommend the vision. The APP price is € 4.45 and makes us think not a little. We talk about a relatively small amount of money, for a relatively fast experience. However, quality, as explained, is not always optimal and therefore we feel it is advisable mainly for fans, who will not be able to escape a trip between the nuclear wreckage wrecks. For all the rest, sit the viewer and wait patiently for the next opportunity.