From the dawn of time, humanity dreams of flying. Raising his eyes to the heavens he invented the plane, the rocket and now Superflight. I am happy to confirm that the latter is the most worthy recreation of what our original parents sought.


Superflight puts us in the shoes of a polygonal adventurer constantly dressed in a squirrel suit and unable to stop flying unless it is facing a flat surface. Each time we start a new game the game will generate a new map in a completely random wayand


when you reach the edges of it or go through one of multiple portals we can pass to other worlds also generated at random. The closer we get to the numerous


objectives that the algorithm will create for us, the more points we will obtain, being able to obtain especially juicy bonuses by passing through small holes in the walls.

And that is basically everything. It is controlled with only one analog, which makes it one of the few titles that disabled or injured on one arm can play without much effort at the same time it contributes to the simplicity of the title. And it is that it could hardly


Superflight be simpler. The attached video is enough to explain the basic premise of the title and all its complexities. Why, then, are we talking so good about him?

Cruising the skies

The answer can not be given by a video or text, you have to feel it. And Superflight is a game of sensations . Since we see our owner lots of polygons appear on the screen we forget our habit of walking on two legs, the wind rushes around us at full speed and our only concern is to get those sweet spots. Either go at full speed through a small tunnel, cross the sky drawing little bows or try to


turn as close as possible to the available walls; Superflight executes the fantasy of flying perfectly. Not for being this a smaller title has nothing to envy to others that have included a squirrel suit like Just Cause 3 , Far Cry 3 or Steep. On the contrary, given how the mechanics of scores have been implemented, it could be said that none of these titles has used the suit as well as the one we are dealing with.

Superflight (PC) screenshot

Back in the days of the beta of Steep, the extreme sports game of Ubisoft, we spent most of an afternoon trying to find the perfect place to slide with that suit. The game included skiing, snowboarding and paragliding, yes, but the same fascination with flying that made us buy Superflightfinding it in our tail Steam made us then restrict ourselves almost exclusively to the archimed squirrel suit. For several hours we traversed the Alps always looking for small tunnels in the


mountainous surface by which to slide. After finding the perfect place, three perfectly placed concentric rings, half an hour of practice was enough to get the pirouette to perform perfectly. And then … nothing. The game did not reward our feat, which had


taken hours of prospection and practice, by no means. That’s why Superflight works. You’re not just flying, you’re constantly trying to improve your score, to approach the hill of the mountain so that the sweet sound of increasing points never leave your hooves. The Superflight design gives you the sense to fly beyond being a faster or smarter way to traverse the game world.

Those who do not enjoy hunting for the highest scores will probably want to look the other way.No matter how brilliant this title is, with no interest in improving your results or competing with friends, there is not much that encourages you to play it


often. If you are one of those who grew up in the arcade trying every weekend to overcome that forty-year-old addicted to your pinball machine you will feel at ease in Superflight. At first glance it may seem that the decision of the game to separate the scores in “highest score” and “combo másalto” can be random, but the truth is that it separates in two ways the ways of


playing Superflight. To achieve a higher total score, for example, the ideal would be to play with the least possible risk, riding amicably near the floating structures but at no time risking to enter an unknown corner we will not bother our prodigious score.


When we get to the bottom of the map we will go to the next randomly generated map and until a lack of reflections makes us tapioca. However, if we try to get the highest combo we will study each map as a puzzle, looking for the one that allows us to perform the


greatest number of follies in the shortest possible time. The more risky the acrobatics we try, the higher the score obtained but a second free


flight without risking our skin near a structure will mean the loss of our combo.Playing a higher combo or a higher score seems to be two different games and each one will see different players take the podium. Accompanying the score at all times will be a rattle sound that would win any award for “most rewarding scoring sound of the year”.