Roguelike Midautumn brought to Kickstarter – Igromania

As promised by the creators of the adventure roguelike about the Asian diaspora, gentrification and supernatural phenomena, Midautumn went to Kickstarter… For the game to be successful, it needs to collect 30 thousand dollars, for which it has another 32 days.
So far, the campaign cannot boast of a phenomenal success. On the first day, we managed to get only about 11 thousand dollars. But two hundred investors have already shown interest in the game. And the creators will be able to get new fans thanks to the released in Steam demos.

In Midautumn, we’ll get the role of college graduate Robin Lamb. He does not know what to do, and so far he comes to a cozy Asian town in California to visit his grandmother. And she turns out to be the keeper of the secret entrance to the spirit world.

Players will explore the city, get to know its inhabitants and help them fight back those who wish to turn an old Asian town into a faceless modern settlement for the rich. And we also have to regularly visit the other world and fight there with evil spirits who will certainly remember their defeat and try to take revenge.

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