Twitter allowed to turn off comments on posts. Naughty Dog immediately took advantage of this

This week the administration Twitter continued to do anything but fix bugs that appeared thanks to the updated interface. In particular, the developers have expanded the function of moderating comments on publications.

Prior to this, it was possible to hide the “inconvenient answers” of users. Now, before publishing, you can determine who can comment: that’s it; only mentioned in the text; the people you read.

Already hurried by this opportunity take advantage Studio Naughty dogwhich faced the Streisand effect and its consequences. Now new publications in the official microblog of the company are closed for comment.

The videos on the official Naughty Dog and Playstation, moreover, like / dislike counters were disabled.

At the same time, lawyers Sony from company Muso continue to give out strikes for “DMCA violation” to journalists, bloggers and ordinary people for related The Last of Us: Part II content However, victims benefit from challenging claims.

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