The first critics’ reviews of “Dune” were mixed – Igromania

The first reviews appeared on the network “Dunes” Denis Villeneuve from critics who turned out to be mixed, but with a positive bias.

Now the tape has 83% “freshness” on Rotten tomatoes on 23 reviews and 76 points on 15 reviews of Metacritic… In addition, on the Internet, the opinions of some viewers were significantly divided. Some call the painting a success, while others have already dubbed it “a huge disappointment.”
One of the most popular claims about the film adaptation of Frank Herbert’s novel is that Dune tells only part of the story, which leaves a feeling of understatement. The film simply ends without a point, and compared to “It” it is impossible to perceive the tape as an independent plot.

In addition, negative reviews note that the director is too keen on creating the atmosphere and details of the world, forgetting about the characters and emotional content.

Compliments were given to the technical part of the project, as well as its unrivaled scale. Some point out that it really makes no sense to watch the tape outside the cinema, since in this case it is difficult to convey the scale of events as well. In general, the film itself is called an “event” – if only in the world of cinema.
The audience also appreciated the visual part, the atmosphere and the acting work – among the latter, the leading actor is most often praised Timothy Shalome and Jason Momoa

Plus, many add that the tape captured them from the very beginning and did not release them until the final – and the demands to get the second part began to sound more and more active.

The premiere of “Dune” in the Russian box office will take place on September 16.

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