Telltale Game announced the closure of their studios

Studio Telltale Game announced the closing – goodbye, The Wolf Among Us 2 and the end of The Walking Dead

The Game Developers Association launched the project The Virtual Mentor Café, designed to “help developers laid off in the last 60 days.”

These include the former employees of Capcom Vancouver, Carbine Studios and Telltale Game.

The project involves the help of vocational guidance, that is, the search for new opportunities in an already chosen profession.

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Or the formation of other career paths.

To do this, the Association of game developers offers dismissed employees of different studios and in general.

Anyone who wants to consult with mentors.

The consultation is a 30-minute online conversation.

The association has already opened a form for entry in The Virtual Mentor Café for both those in need of vocational guidance and mentors.

Previously laid off employees of Telltale Game were helped by other developer studios like Insomniac Games.

EA and Riot Games, which arranged a job fair for their colleagues

Last month, Telltale Game studio dismissed most of its employees in preparation for a full closure.

Then there were only 25 people left in the squad who were supposed to close their commitments and finish part of the work.

Unfortunately, now these remnants are left without work.

Rachel Noel – Telltale’s narrative designer, said on her personal Twitter account that she and her team were also fired.
According to her, Telltale Game still has a few people left, but they can be counted on the fingers.

Rachel told Twitter that she had experienced very difficult conditions as part of Telltale – from working weeks of 80 hours to poor management of talented developers.

The fate of The Walking Dead, Minecraft and other series of Telltale Game is a big question.

It is reported that a third-party company can finish the walking dead.