Rumor: Poker Night 3 and Tales from the Borderlands 2 in development, The Wolf Among Us 2 temporarily frozen

Reorganized Studio Telltale games working on two new projects. This was reported by an insider with Reddit under the nickname hereitismydude, which before this official announcements announced the development of The Wolf Among Us 2 and The Telltale Batman: Shadows Edition.

According to preliminary data, the studio plans to release in the future Tales from the borderlands 2. However, players have to be patient: development is in the early stages, so the official announcement is to wait a couple more years. However, already this year to Telltale may return right to the first season.

But the development Telltale’s Poker Night at the Inventory 3 is in active stage, the project should be announced already at E3 2023then release on digital platforms will take place. According to the studio, in the game there will be characters from Fortnite, Borderlands (Reese and Fiona) Batman (Bruce Wayne), The wolf among us (Bigby) and The walking dead (Lee Everett).

All playable characters will be “from Telltale,” and items are expected as rewards Borderlands 3 and Fortnite. The studio also reached an agreement with Skybound to use Lee Everett, however, the renewal of the license for The Walking Dead is out of the question.

To create Poker Night 3 will be used Unreal engine. The gameplay feature will be the ability of the player to participate in dialogs, but the character will not have a voice.

What about The Wolf Among Us 2? An insider claims the development is temporarily frozen because the support team from Adhoc studio still working on the plot. At the same time Telltale has already prepared the main assets, locations and dialogue system.

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