Story of a Gladiator: Overview

Actual for the platform: PC

The constant component of many action RPGs is arena battles, where for consecutive victories over more and more powerful opponents we earn special prizes and titles. Authors Story of a gladiatorAs you might imagine, we built the whole game on this. There is nothing but gladiatorial battles here, but they are implemented in such a way that there is simply no time to be bored.

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Here on holidays people go to see how a man beats in agony

You can skip the starter video about the misfortunes of the hero before he became a gladiator – the story, despite the name of the game, here plays exclusively the role of background and occasion for the massacre. Yes, and it actually is not.

All Story of a gladiator – This is more than 30 fights plus three boss fights, which are divided into three campaigns (arenas): Greek, African and Roman. At the start, you need to choose the origin of your gladiator – the Greek receives a bonus to damage, the native of Carthage (and, in fact, Tunisia) – an increase in health, and the ancient Egyptian starts with an additional skill point.

But regardless of choice, everyone begins their journey through the Greek campaign, then the African opens, and only then the Roman. The farther, the harder. But there are also more opportunities to become stronger and prepare well for the next battle.

Like dogs fighting a bone, doomed to tear flesh to each other

Mechanically, this is a two-dimensional beat ’em up with a strong emphasis on pumping. So strong that even rolling and banal running are initially unavailable – these abilities need to be learned for the skill points that are issued at each new level. At first, we only know how to walk, beat, and set up a block, but with a set of experience and levels, other tricks are opened – for example, hitting with a shield, jumping attacks or kicking, throwing the enemy to the ground and immobilizing him. In addition, you can improve endurance (and it is spent on all important actions and techniques), block efficiency, attack speed or damage, and so on.

Story of a Gladiator game review

The more spectacular and effective we fight, the more stars (and therefore experience and money) we will receive as a reward.

There are many skills, and at any time they are allowed to transfer points from one ability to another for free. This allows you to flexibly adjust your tactics and character orientation before each new fight. We influence this with equipment. In addition to experience, money is given for each battle (even a lost one), and for them we buy new swords, axes, shields and armor.

Other possibilities are gradually opening up – amulets, food that gives bonuses to health, damage or endurance for one battle, consumables like bandages or throwing hatchets. And after the second battle in the African campaign, we will be allowed to get our favorite fighting kitty – a lion that attacks those we attack, a tiger biting those who attack us, or a panther jumping indiscriminately. Before the next fight, it is better to feed the animal – a devoured chicken, for example, gives plus 50% damage, and beef allows immobilizing enemies.

Do not rebuke the holy fate! The crowd howls, feels blood

An important element of the game is the "dismemberment". She, as well as double and triple killings, especially turn the crowd on. And the higher the corresponding scale, the higher the likelihood that people will start throwing money and vegetables / fruits at you (they heal the fighter), and stones at opponents, stunning them. There are special amulets and skills that increase the growth of favor of the crowd.

Story of a Gladiator game review

All shops, temples and training grounds are within walking distance.

And Jupiter can also stun enemies (and all at once). If in the temple, before the battle, pray to him and make a monetary offering, then in the battle it will be available precisely such a “divine skill” that can be activated only when the favor of the audience reaches the desired level. Then other celestials open up with their unique bonuses and abilities – Juno and Mars.

Strength brings freedom

In each battle you need to withstand several enemy waves. Moreover, new opponents or their combinations almost always appear. Someone throws spears, someone knows how to block, counterattack, kick us to the ground or beat us with a shield. These need a special approach – not to mention the bosses.

Then, wild animals shielded in armor are released against us with the support of particularly healthy Moors. Well and so on – the game always challenges. And it can seem easy only if you pass through the very early battles when you are already running with a fighting scythe in your hands and a faithful panther on a leash. And to pass the battles, that is, simply to grind experience and money, due to the sufficient complexity of the battles often have to. But in this case, it is not annoying, but only makes you want to get the maximum rating (and, therefore, awards) for the mission.

Perhaps the main problem is to take the right position and hit the enemy.


I.e Story of a gladiator – This is not just beat ’em up, but in some places an almost action RPG with good pumping and tuning options for your gladiator. The game is really addictive and invigorating. In addition, it is excellent, even looks picturesque, and the music corresponds to the era. The only thing that is perhaps missing here is at least some semblance of plot, dialogs and “side effects” during the break between battles. Plus, I want the opponents to at least pretend that they are fighting not only with us, but also with each other – these are, after all, gladiatorial fights.

Pros: fascinating, rich in customization and customization options for its gladiator gameplay; interesting crowd mechanics; rather difficult battles and constant challenge; many types of weapons and armor; nice graphics and atmospheric music.

Minuses: there is virtually no plot; the rest of the gladiators for some reason attack only us and do not fight each other, inconvenient control on the keyboard.

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