To the gladiatorial simulator Gladiux released the first trailer – review

How many days ago the studio Starcaster games announced her new project, Gladiux. And now released the first short trailer for him. It shows fragments of the everyday life of the heroes of the game, the ancient Roman gladiators.

The studio originally planned to make a remake of the game. Gladiator begins studios Goshowthat came out on PSP in 2010. In this, the developers collaborated with the publisher, Acquire. But over time, the project has grown to an independent, and Acquire will act as its Japanese publisher.

Gladiux is a brutal arena action movie. The authors are going to pay attention to both the plot of the game and the combat mechanics, so that different categories of players could enjoy it. They have to learn gladiatorial skills and fight in the arenas in order to gain freedom.

To tell more about the project and present a full-fledged trailer, the Gladiux studio is going to the exhibition GDC 2023, which will be held from March 16 to March 20, 2023. And the game should be released next year on PCs and consoles – with PlayStation 5 included in the plans of the developers.