Star Fox Zero

The second point – little change from a content point of view. Star Fox Zero (especially at first) is déjà vu seems to be exactly the same level of choice card we have seen, and the levels themselves are similar. Ship main character, Fox, not even learned to shoot anything other than a standard laser (apart from single shots you can accumulate a powerful volley) and collected in a limited number of bombs.

For comparison, look at the similar genre Kid Icarus: Uprising on the same Nintendo. This game has a lot to do with the Star Fox series: there we also initially fly only forward, moving around the screen and firing from the enemy, and then, in the second part of the level, we are given the opportunity to move in all directions. Perhaps, Star Fox worth even merge with Kid Icarus: the first is clearly did not have enough opportunities to change / upgrade weapons, and a second look ridiculous enemies themselves, and setting the whole game (if that action there is a killer).

But the main disadvantage of Star Fox Zero, as well as the entire Star Fox series – ad nauseam Hollywood cliches and interactive images. Listening to chat Star Fox Zero heroes and it seems that the court of the year 1988, the first commercials, fashion glam rock and lush curly hairstyles, and Schwarzenegger, Stallone still young and muscles in the movie they carefully smeared with oil.

In general, the plot, the characters, the dialogues – the pattern on the template and the template sits chases. We, of course, not for the entire run of one of the best arcade games shuternyh (way definitely is Star Fox Zero), but still all these dialogues should either completely remove the (ideal) or normally prescribe.

Finally, we note among the disadvantages of short duration of the game. If you like arcade shooters, then you will not notice how it ended. Yes, previous Star Fox, too, so it was definitely worth it and developers to increase the volume of the game five times. Especially, Star Fox Zero strongly stands out from a number of typical shuternyh arcade games like Nano Assault, Resogun etc.


Scolded enough, now we praise. So, after a couple of introductory (not de jure, but de facto) and purely nostalgic level begins normal play: sometimes quite complicated, but still incredibly fascinating. Complexity, however, we also record a plus – the previous parts have been too simple. Here you are well feel the difference between the first and the last level (they occur in the same location, although with different decorations). And if the first level – a summer walk in the park, the last cause to sweat.

Yet of all levels we liked the battle on the ice planet. Perhaps because it is really exciting, but do not rule out that the role was played by its resemblance to the Battle of Hoth in Star Wars. Huge enemy walking quadruped, scurrying around starships enemies and “friends” – do not like? Even, flight regimes in Star Wars: Battlefront turned out not as interesting and exciting as this level in Star Fox Zero.

Star Fox Zero offers players a slightly different gameplay experience than in previous games. First of all, it is important to note Change Control: developers do involved Wii U Game Pad, which space adventure became more expressive. On the TV screen, we, as before, the ship Fox see the back and on the gamepad screen is a view from the cockpit. Press “-” types can be interchanged.

view from the cockpit allows you to aim more precisely, and in general with it is sometimes easier to determine its position in space. And sometimes vice versa (switch, recall easily).

In addition, activated and gyroscope – now it is possible to more accurately aim, as it was in Uncharted: The Golden Abyss on PS Vita or Splaton on the same Wii U. However, because of the many variations of the position of a starship in space, it is often necessary to recalibrate, but this is done with one button.

Let the weapon has not changed, but we have added a variety of options for equipment. Firstly, our ship is now able to transform into a walker, not like something on the chicken, not an ostrich. Second, I am still here the Landmaster tank, which now has learned to jump and hang in the air for a short time. Third, in a couple of missions we will have to manage dikopterom – analogue quadrocopter, but with two screws.

This dikopter not only very maneuverable and can hover in one place, but also knows how to rope down robots that hack terminals (robots, we also manage). One of the levels will be entirely devoted to the mechanics of this.

In short, action game in the sea, but because of a change of flight regimes is achieved by a certain variability, does not give bored. That is to say, that’s what-what, and in the monotony of the gameplay we Star Fox Zero can not be accused in any way. Quite the contrary.