Rome will receive a remaster on April 29 – Igromania

Creative assembly announced the first ever series Total war remaster. Updated version Total War: Rome Remastered comes out on April 29, and the studio was involved in its creation Feral Interactive

The collection will include additions Barbarian invasion and Alexander, and Rome: Total War Collection

For Total War: Rome Remastered, an improved visual is being prepared, the game will support 4K resolution with HDR. The environment, battlefields and character models will be reworked. In addition, improvements to the gameplay and accessibility are promised, in particular for color blind people.

In the remaster, players will have access to 16 new playable factions in addition to the 22 previously known. New features include a tactical map during battles, heat maps and overlapping icons in campaign mode. The mechanics of the game have been improved, the diplomacy system has been redesigned, and the camera has received more degrees of freedom.

We’ve added improved support for new players, including a redesigned manual, an in-game guide, and detailed tips and tricks. Owners of the original will be able to buy a remaster for half the price – for 863 rubles.

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