Rome Remastered showed game improvements again – review addiction

Creative assembly continues to showcase remaster improvements Rome: Total Warby presenting a fresh video comparing the updated and original versions.

It is known that the remaster will have an improved visual part – both during the battle and on the global map. On which, by the way, additional filters will appear in order to better monitor the state of affairs in their provinces. And during battles, you can halve the speed of the battle, better observing the characteristics of the fighters.

Also, the developers will offer players the ability to choose standard or advanced settings, and, among other things, will add a new agent – a merchant. They are capable of, among other things, poaching rivals and gaining access to resources.

In addition, as you know, Creative Assembly will add 16 new playable factions and implement support for Steam Workshop, and players will experience cross-platform multiplayer. And, of course, they will allow you to change the user interface so that its elements are not too small or too large.

Recall Total War: Rome Remastered will be released on April 29, and the owners of the original strategy will be able to buy a remaster for half the price. More details of the improvements are demonstrated in the video below.

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