Review of Children of Morta | Gamemag

Most screensavers happen every time you return to the family home, which serves as a bonfire from Dark souls. Thus, failures are smoothed out by new portions of the plot and you get to know the characters who reveal their characters and relationships to each other in the intervals between regular races to the boss. You do not have to start the game again – only the last open dungeon is restarted.

Losing all health and artifacts, the character retains overall progress, experience and money and teleports to the estate, where you can buy eternal abilities, such as defense or attack power, as well as bonuses to use relics that you find in dungeons every time.

In turn, pumping for experience is available at almost any time from a special menu. Therefore, the second race will be easier. In this regard, Children of Morta is more loyal to the player than the classic representatives of the genre.

As I wrote above, each hero has unique abilities. In addition to the basic attack and somersault, some skills work on their own, others are activated by pressing a button, and then go to reload.

There are family talents that are unique to each hero, but acting on all at once. They open for pumping basic skills and motivate you to complete levels for all characters in turn. So you will get more general bonuses.

In addition, over time, filth accumulates inside the heroes, reducing their health indicators, so you need to send them on a well-deserved rest.

Management in the game is quite convenient. The archer was especially surprised, for which it is very pleasant to play with the right stick (the game begins to look like shooters from Housemarque)

With all its advantages, Children of Morta has some problems. The bosses turned out to be unbalanced – some are too simple with the same type and predictable attacks. Others – on the contrary, are complex and have a huge number of strokes for which you may be completely unprepared.

Typical enemies are pretty monotonous. In general, there are enough of them, but not within the framework of one dungeon.

You can also find fault with a strange side quest, which I failed only because the NPC ran forward through a crowd of enemies and died.

Well, of course, it’s a shame that cooperative passage is possible only within the framework of one room. Online is not provided here, but a pity.