Not a Religious Game – Iranian Moral Police Calls Children of Morta Developers for Interrogation

Iranian customs police studied Children of morta from studio Dead mage and found that this game is not religious enough – certain elements of it are contrary to Islamic traditions. Employees were called in for questioning to provide explanations. In the future, the case will be considered in court. About this from your page in Twitter development manager said Amir Fassihi.

Dead Mage is an Iranian studio, therefore, it must abide by certain traditions, the customs police said. In particular, the regulators did not like the fact that there are dances in the game, there are no hijabs, virtual funerals are not held according to Islamic traditions and the characters use magic to fight demons. In addition, there is no mention of God in Children of Morta.

The Iranian customs police is engaged in identifying attacks on public moral principles both in the vastness of the network and beyond. For violators fines are provided, and in some cases – imprisonment.

Children of Morta came out last fall on PC and consoles. Read our review here..

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