Rescue Union authors call BadComedian a parasite on Channel One

Channel One released another short story about the Russian military-historical drama “Union of Salvation”, in which one of the creators of the picture was asked about the BadComedian video blogger. He was called a parasite.

In the Good Morning program on Channel One, the journalist interviewed Anatoly Maksimov, producer of the film Salvation Union, according to This time the questions were replaced by comments from various users on social networks. As always before the premiere of the domestic picture, a lot of messages from fans of Yevgeny Bazhenov’s work appeared. They write that they won’t go to the cinema, but instead just watch the review from BadComedian. “Sadness because BadComedian does not have its own creativity. He is a parasite in a good sense of the word, ”replied Anatoly Maximov.

The producer of the film “Union of Salvation” explained his words, reports. He believes that people love reviews from BadComedian, as they get the opportunity to almost completely see the film, while laughing at the jokes of Evgeny Bazhenov and still form their own opinion. “Here is a lie. This is not your opinion. This person formulated this opinion for you, ”said Maximov. He called on the BadComedian audience to “feel sorry for themselves” and still first watch the film, form their own opinion, and only then laugh with Bazhenov while watching his review. Otherwise, it turns out that Evgeny Bazhenov not only formulates an opinion for the audience, but practically lives for them.

In an interview, Anatoly Maximov commented on the words of another well-known blogger – Dmitry Puchkov, known as the Goblin. In one of his videos, he complained about a large number of characters. Although Puchkov knows them all, he managed to forget while watching. Maximov said that so many characters are justified. The creators of the film “Union of Salvation” wanted to make it so that the viewer simply did not have the opportunity to choose one of the parties. The producer believes that the film does not have a “superhero” and a “supervillain” that decide the fate of the world. The picture shows real life, where everyone is right in his own way.