Nintendo president doesn’t believe gaming consoles will disappear in the next ten years, giving way to cloud services

The president Nintendo Shuntaro Furukawa believes that for a long time consoles will remain popular as a specialized gaming hardware and will not give way to competitors in the face of cloud gaming platforms, such as Stadia.

In conversation with Nikkei The head said that, in his opinion, it will be at least ten years before the popularity of cloud technology takes on a massive scale.

“Perhaps in ten years, cloud gaming will be able to interest the public, but I don’t think that specialized equipment will take and disappear right now,” he said. “It will take quite some time until that moment.”

Furukawa said Nintendo’s main goal is to differentiate its products. And so much so that the gaming experience offered to her could not be reproduced on competing platforms.

However, at the same time, Nintendo is not turning its back on new technologies, constantly studying new trends and closely monitoring their development, Furukawa explained. Otherwise, you may suddenly find yourself overboard.

“In view of the foregoing, it would be pointless to focus solely on game methods that are only available on specialized equipment. As soon as your audience begins to say that instead they can play on other consoles or smartphones, you have come to an end. ”

Furukawa emphasized that the company is “constantly” studying innovations for their subsequent use in games.

“I don’t want the public to misunderstand us, we are not turning away from new technologies,” he says. “We are constantly in search and developing. Our hardware teams are exploring all kinds of new technologies currently available and are consulting with our software developers. If they decide that technology can be used in the game, then they will use it. We will not change this fundamental approach in the future. ”

Furukawa also mentioned that one of the areas for research at Nintendo is Augmented Reality.

Earlier, NPD Group Analyst Matt Piscatella noted that the Nintendo Switch is not afraid of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

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