The Elder Scrolls 6 revealed a new locale

In the expected game The Elder Scrolls VI revealed a new location that surprised many fans of the series with the features that the unusual region of Tamriel can offer.

Since the official announcement The elder scrolls 6 from Bethesda fans of the game series are trying to guess the new location that the project will receive. According to, fans on the Reddit network resource suggested that the events of the upcoming TES 6 game could develop in the Black Marsh province, which would make the TES VI game extremely special, and completely unlike other games in the series. Black Marsh is also known as Argonia, the homeland of the Argonians, who are one of the game races in The Elder Scrolls franchise games. This choice of location for The Elder Scrolls VI will allow the authors to greatly surprise fans and create a gaming environment that is very different from the predecessors Skyrim and Oblivion.

Black Marsh Province is characterized by a humid, tropical climate with an abundance of dark and dense forests, marshy areas and rivers. At the same time, residents of the region often use boats to travel around the district, which will become an important feature of the TES 6 gameplay. There are several large cities in Black Marsh, including Archon, Blackrose and Lilmot, and many wooded regions are completely wild and uninhabited. Among the other features of The Elder Scrolls 6, which may appear in the game due to the choice of Argonia as the scene, the players called an abundance of underwater ruins, and many dangerous diseases for all characters except the Argonians. Fans agreed that Black Marsh in TES VI is an interesting and unusual idea, and locations on a new generation of gaming devices will look fascinating.

So far, fans can only speculate on any details of The Elder Scrolls 6 that developers themselves are in no hurry to share. According to, the game The Elder Scrolls VI, without a doubt, is one of the most anticipated projects in the history of the gaming industry, and therefore Todd Howard’s team will have to try very hard so as not to disappoint the fans.