Pug on x-ray caused disgust among netizens

An unusual x-ray appeared on the network, which attracted the attention of network users. The pug depicted in it caused the audience the most unpleasant feelings.

An X-ray picture of a pug appeared on social networks recently. According to Gamebomb.ru, what he saw immediately shocked many network users who noted that they could not understand what was wrong with the face depicted. “Lord, what’s wrong with this photo?”, Some users asked this question. Others noted that now they will not be able to forget what they saw on the x-ray, and the pug’s face they will dream about in nightmares. “I was not ready for this,” another viewer said in the comments under the photo. “The image of his face is both frightening and intriguing,” another user shared his thoughts.

It is worth noting that the original photo of the pug was published by American comedian and TV host Andy Richter. He posted the picture on his pages on Instagram and Twitter. He said that the photo shows the pug of his friend, with whom he recently went to the veterinarian. Some users, who were not overwhelmed by the horror of what they saw, rushed to inquire whether everything was alright with the animal. To these questions, Andy Richter posted another photo of a pug from ordinary life and added that the dog was doing well. It is also worth noting that some users of the network were touched by the fact that the actor slipped the dog’s name, fearing for his safety.

Recently, Gamebomb.ru wrote about the death of the famous Russian convict-video blogger with a similar pseudonym – Pug Uncle Dog. The death of a video blogger, whose real name is Sergei Novik, was reported by one of his friends, who conducted a short broadcast on the official Pug channel.