A rare prototype PlayStation controller appeared on eBay – they ask for 560 thousand rubles for it

At the market eBay one of the earliest prototypes of the controller appeared Playstation – model DTL-H500C. In total, in the early nineties, several copies were issued for demonstrations at exhibitions and domestic use. Periodically, a rarity pops up at a very high price. This time asking for a gamepad $ 8.999 (order 560 thousand rubles). Seller has 99.8% positive feedback on eBay.

Of particular value to the prototype are the reports that Sony originally created it to work in conjunction with a console developed jointly with Nintendo. There are photos of an early SNES CD unit with this gamepad:

According to sources, after breaking up with Nintendo, the Japanese corporation used a prototype gamepad to create its own PlayStation, but in the end, as you know, came up with a different form.

In this picture, gamepads are shown in conjunction with the PlayStation DevCit (DTL-H505), dated 1994:

Sony and Nintendo’s real working console prototype, which is ultra-rare, is expected will be sold in February this year at an auction for a lot of money. Earlier, the owner was offered $ 1.2 million for the prefix (more than 75 million rubles), but he refused to part with it for such an amount.

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