Tearaway Unfolded

However, as is the case with the original, tearaway unfolded first affects not their abilities, and magical artistic performance.

The game world, called the Valley of the folds, is composed entirely of colored paper: paper forest, swinging in the wind grass, paper whites, paper marshes and reeds.

Words can not describe the excitement when you see the paper waterfalls and cheerful splashes of water (also made of paper, of course). Nothing of the kind previously nobody created;

Tearaway in visual terms – is pure visual revelation. The first analogy that occurs after experiencing the game takes you to your childhood – where we are at home or on the lessons of Fine Arts tried tinkering figures out of colored paper.

Plot plot in Unfolded writers did not touch, and left everything in its place: the idyll Valley folds spoil the scraps that fell from somewhere in the sky; the purpose of their invasion – did not give the protagonist, Iota (or Ata in the women’s version), walking envelope to convey some message to the open sky on a break – through Iota and other inhabitants of the Valley communicate and interact with you.

You – a direct participant (and, in the mythology of the game, a deity called “He-who-outside”) of the local history and even more: the original Tearaway you almost the handle Iota led through all locations.

Media Molecule skillfully woven mechanics employs features PS Vita, in the narrative. It was necessary to expand the tube curled in the path;

“Poke through” the back touch panel with your finger, as if moving it to the game, to help cope with the enemy Iota; King gophers draw new crown; swiping your finger on the touch screen, you can deploy the entire paper structure. Tearaway – absolutely creative play, not to focus on one thing.

Of course, part of the, shall we say, the tactile sensations in the version for PS4 lost. Still gamepad becomes a kind of barrier between you and the game – on the PS Vita, due to the specifics of control, your impact on the perceived almost tangible. Yes, and draw on the touch screen is much more convenient than using a touchpad.

But in the “Deployed stories» Media Molecule came up with new mechanics, most of which are performed by the touch panel Dualshock 4. Swipe your finger on the touchpad, you pick up the wind, which inflate the folded paper platform, as well as help Iota defeat enemies – the wind will sweep away evil scraps in nearest precipice.

The touch panel in conjunction with gyro creates another interesting mechanics: tilting the gamepad, the portal opens on the screen, through which you Iota throws different objects (or, for example, a squirrel).

Catching that threw you Whit, you are swiping your finger on the touchpad, you can throw it back – for example, in order to break through the cracked wall paper, freeing Iota future path.

Review of Tearaway Unfolded.  Game Review - Image 7
Review of Tearaway Unfolded.  Game Review - Image 8

In “Deployed history” was a place even the light panel Dualshock 4: holding down the L2 or R2, He-who-outside (you) takes a beam of light that follows the shape of the panel itself.

Again, as in the original, Media Molecule figured out how to weave the new mechanics in the narrative. For example, the same beam of light will play the role of a searchlight and help employees to play paper theater faltering performance.

And in one of the new episodes of Iota, causing the wind, hold an unforgettable flight by a paper airplane.

With all the love embedded in the game, Media Molecule did not make any genre of discovery. Basic principles of game design studio borrows from classics like Super Mario 64.

However, instead of hard engineered Media Molecule levels offers unusual methods of management, ease of each element. Well, that Sony has decided to release Tearaway on PS4 – because the PS Vita is not at all. Use the moment, so to speak.