PUBG showed a new map with full destructibility

Company Pubg Corporation released a new trailer dedicated to the game PUBG season 6, which showed a new destructible map with the island of smugglers.

After several teasers and hints, the developers finally presented in a new video a card called Karakin, designed for 64 players. According to, it is a desert area, and it has at least one large town, as well as a few smaller ones. The area of ​​the new Karakin map is four square kilometers. As the authors note Playerunknown’s Battlegroundsis large enough for 64 players to resolve all their differences.

The new map will add new weapons to the Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds game, for example, the Panzerfaust RPG, and most importantly, a destructible environment will appear in it. As you can see in the trailer, players will be able to blow up and destroy the environment, for example, you can blow up buildings in which players are hiding. The destruction system on the new map should radically change the gameplay in the PUBG game. It is worth noting that in addition to the complete destruction of buildings in Karakin, gamers can simply create new passages for themselves using sticky bombs. In addition, a black zone will appear on the new map, which is a missile strike. It was created in order to smoke players from buildings and shelters. Moreover, it is impossible to predict the behavior of this zone.

According to, the start of the 6th PUBG season is scheduled for January 22 on PC and January 30 on consoles. In addition to adding a new card, the developers also plan to make various changes to the game balance. It is worth noting that in the sixth season the Vikendi card will not be available.