The definitive game?

Although the market is saturated with a series of titles belonging to the same genres, one can not but consider the amount of players who request further iterations at every opportunity. Populated with early access titles and fundraising campaigns, the situation regarding the so-called battle royale becomes increasingly crowded.


Born as mod for Arma 2 and 3, it is a mode that staged a classic last man standing inside a map initially very extensive and which is decreasing from time to time to concentrate the players at a specific point. After years of working on these mods and developing the now famous


King of the Kill of H1Z1, the original creator Playerunknown, had the opportunity to realize his personal title.Do not think about finding yourself in front of something new or particular distortions of the formula. Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds responds to the usual simple rules, however, combining a series of details that are decreeing the huge success.

The Battle Royales are enhanced by an exceptional new contender with Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds


When the mod battle royale for Arma came out a few years ago, what made it so successful was the incredible immediacy, combined with the high rate of competitiveness and adrenaline that every game was able to generate.


Over the years this formula has been perfected, becoming very famous and decreeing the success of games like H1Z1. The survival contender of DayZ, developed by the guys of Daybreakers is going through a new youth, thanks also to the help of the media boost generated by the various online streamer.


For this the original creator and collaborator of the same King of the Kill, aware of the enormous success of his idea, he thought well to find the funds and a team able to realize his final game.After a long development and a beautifully managed beta phase, the title came out last week,


in strict early access. Strong of the fame generated next to the nickname of the creator, rather evocative, the game tries to put together all the good that has been done in these years. Removing where it was appropriate to remove and adding where there were some flaws.

The definitive game?
The definitive game?

So here’s the idea that remains unchanged: a hundred players – alone or divided into groups of two, three or four people – are brutally launched within a map always equal to itself, but with a number of different elements with every new game.


The generation of weapons, armor and the possible airdrop coming from the skies are the core of the gameplay. Already from the unfolding one can notice a small but enormous difference with its biggest and current contender. While in H1Z1 you are parachuted to a random point from the game itself, in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds we will decide when to launch from a cargo plane that contains the total amount of players.


Choosing the place in which to launch is the first of the great possibilities that the game makes available.Making the wrong choice means finding yourself in the middle of the wildest fire already after the first few seconds but, on the other hand, if you were lucky enough to fall over an assault rifle, just a few moments are enough and you are armed and ready to make a carnage, immediately accumulating a large amount of game money. On the latter we will come back later.


From the moment of landing, such veterans will feel at home. It will be about going around houses and warehouses, accumulating weapons, ammunition, healing objects and possibly a means to quickly move on an extended but not boundless map. The search for objects presents one of the enormous differences with H1Z1: where the latter made crafting a fundamental element, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds completely eliminates this feature, going to add accessories for various weapons.


The writer has found this extraordinary choice and extremely congenial to the gameplay.The unbelievable quantity of weapons present is then fleshed out by the possibility of adding telescopic sights, holographs, kicks, silencers, extended magazines and so on and so forth. This means that hardly two players with the same rifle will also have the same accessories equipped.


From here on everything takes place as always, with a different gimmick to restrict the playable map area, which is replaced by an electric dome of “kingiana” memory. This if exceeded goes to gradually reduce our energy. The ultimate goal remains the same: to remain the only ones alive on the map to enjoy eternal glory, forever and ever!