On the way to release – Lost Soul Aside action game in the style of Final Fantasy and Devil May Cry will be released in 2023

In the summer of 2016, a young Korean Yang Bin surprised the world with a trailer for a stylish action inspired by his creation Final Fantasy XV and series Ninja gaiden. The project, which began as a nonprofit product of one person, joined the program as a result. Playstation china hero projectaimed at supporting promising young developers from the Middle Kingdom. The developers were provided with full funding and a team, but since then, little has been heard about the game.

Bean recently broke the silence, announcing in an interview with Chinese media about his intentions to release Lost Soul Aside until the end of 2023. Besides, the developer also announced his intention to expand IP beyond the game format, which theoretically can include books, music, shorts, and anything else.

Lost Soul Aside is created as a temporary exclusive Playstation 4, after which the game is likely to appear at least another PC.

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