Team Deathmatch Already Appears on PUBG Test Servers – review


Developers PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds reported that update 6.2 had already been released on the battle royale test servers. His main innovation was the team battle to death mode, which we talked about earlier.

Features of the mode:

  • 8 vs 8;
  • only view from the 1st person;
  • weapon sets;
  • resurrection;
  • when the character’s health ends, he immediately dies;
  • the fire is off in its own way.

The round is won by the team that killed more enemies in 10 minutes or the first to get 50 kills. Winning two rounds ensures victory in the match.

Also, in a fresh patch, the authors changed the effects of the blue zone, improved the interface, performance, observation mode and the visibility of blood effects, added a parachute follow function that allows team members to land together, and also made changes to the grenade balance and the skill-based rating system.

In addition, the developers increased the number of medical items on Karakin, and also added G36C and MP5K to the card, while reducing the number of bandages, SR, DMR and Win94. Finally, the authors removed the advantage when, when avoiding obstacles in PUBG on the right side (without peeping / tilting), the character was seen much worse than when moving to the left.

The full list of changes is here.

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