PUBG Developers Improve Blood Visual Effects – review

Developers from PUBG Corporation announcedthat on the test servers of the PC version of the royal battle PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds update 5.3 is already available, the main innovation of which is the improved visual effects of blood.

According to the authors, now, when hit, splashes of blood will fly up, which will be especially spectacular when the head or neck is injured. The spray will remain on the walls and floor of the rooms, and the wounds on the body will show where you hit.

In addition, now players will be able to save their settings in the cloud, and then download them if necessary. The only exceptions were all the graphics settings and the option “Display a character on the inventory screen” – they cannot be saved.

Finally, the developers added the ability to select their favorite weapon into the game, improved the user interface and the surveillance interface, and also fixed some errors. Along with the release of update 5.3, new weapons and skins will appear on the main servers in the PUBG store.