Netflix The Witcher Executive Producer Promises Fans Many Surprise Between Seasons

After the release of the first season “The witcher»From Netflix became one of the most popular television series of 2019. Therefore, it is doubly sad to realize that we will see the continuation of the show only in 2023. Fortunately, executive producer Tomek Baginsky promises fans won’t have to wait so long.

In a new interview with Telewizja wPolsce Baginsky said the following:

“In the interval between the seasons, we planned to present some interesting surprises, but I won’t say exactly when this will happen.”

Despite the fact that Tomek is in no hurry to reveal his cards, perhaps we already know what he means. A few months ago, rumors appeared on the net about a full-fledged animated series in the Witcher universe. In particular, it was reported that his premiere will take place between the first and second seasons of the saga.

In an November interview with IGN Poland, Baginski answered a question from journalists about a possible release of an animation project for The Witcher like this:

“I don’t want to think, but who knows. Perhaps we will see The Witcher in this style. However, there are things that I would prefer not to talk about yet. ”

The first season of The Witcher was released on Netflix on December 20, 2019. A month before the release, the online cinema extended the show for the second season.

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