Remembering the fabulous trilogy Fable. Heroes know what to Albion?

While large developers did pore over the creation of new franchises, the old quietly forgotten or simply fade into the background, occasionally cheering fans what some games “based on”. Some thus attracted a lot of attention (hello, the Hearthstone  and ” Gvint” ), while others debuted not so well (hello, and you, of The Elder Scrolls: Legends ).
In a series of glory, was the reason for this article, by the way, too, decided to earn 25 July, early access out of Fable the Fortune  – another hybrid popular card games in the Steam piggy bank. Check the quality of the new TCG can now, as our review will appear within a few days.
In the meantime, we have decided to recall the details of the most fabulous series from Lionhead Studiosand Peter Molyneux, in particular. Take out your handkerchiefs, Kuroschupy!

Fable: The Lost Chapters

Theme song by Danny Elfman in the introductory clip of the first part – a kind of trick to divert attention. Because of him, we could then take new action role-playing for a typical epic “about nothing”. Indeed, how could it be compared with such great projects as Gothic 2  or of The Elder Scrolls III of: of Morrowind , walked out a little earlier? Of course not.
Here are just a Fable: The Lost Chapters  , and tried not to be a model adventure early 2000s. It told a different story …
sister a birthday gift? Good deeds? Thus began the story of our hero.
With a starting location extremely accessible game explains the rules of their world. Do good deeds – you become good and you get a halo over his head; love bad deeds – will soon grow horns. That was the beauty of Fable: by role player chose for himself. Around this amusing features built and jobs, and the story itself.
On the appearance of the hero has influenced not only the beauty of the soul, but also a whole heap of factors. Skinny boy could almost instantly getting fat, leaning on meat and flour dishes, and for the constant pumping of particular skills received special “class” figure. Warrior became muscular archer – high, the magician began to glow hands, body and face were covered with blue spots.
Having started to play for the unremarkable “pig”, we have gradually changed it to your liking and create a unique in every sense of the protagonist. It’s great revitalized gameplay, and the passage made to measure nonlinear and replayability.
But there were still haircuts and tattoos, which responded differently to the NPC.
Although the first part and not so hot it was still interesting in terms of plot, follow the course of events. In addition, the humor in everything that touches the lives of such “privileged” members of society, as a hero, to pay off all outstanding deficiencies.
In the beginning we were nothing and called us in any way (well, except that Kuroschupom), so they had to put up with constant ridicule from the common people. And the title of the purchase is not much of a help. Fame to be earned!
It turns out that the only true solution was to fight for the heroic career. No wonder that we were finishing the Guild. So, sword, magic, or bow to the teeth, and go! And I must say, the battles were exciting: the combat system has done very well and did not give bored any connoisseur of the genre.
Remember Fable: The Lost Chapters, not only thanks to advanced for its time character customization system. The game is remarkable caustic satire on Heroes, reflecting all the secret dreams of the player.
As a result, the game became a sort of simulation of the heroic character, where we are now and then performed feats, earned fame and permanently sought to collect as many trophies as possible. Factory house wife … Why not Sims ?
In between courting his wife could have a good time in the tavern: a beer with your friends and play games of chance. By purchasing the same from a dealer in fishing tackle shop, you can go fishing, to pull out of the water and a couple of silver keys to open special treasure chests.
And all this against the backdrop of the beautiful Albion, full of unsolved mysteries. That only cost the demons guard!
And every such need special Hero: Who is the wicked who are most kind. All the magic door demon guardian to open a single pass does not work.