Deus Ex: Mankind Divided


Generally, many similarities between the witcher Geralt and agent Adam Jensen. Even though the latter lives in the future, not the past, and distinguishes it is not a gray ponytail and dark glasses and matching goatee. Both – a man-made killing machine, supermen, possessing inaccessible ordinary mortal abilities, while more than others who care about good and justice. Or not caring – decide for yourself!

It is this artificiality and “feature” is the reason that Adam Jensen look askance, after 2027, the year millions of others like it, cyborgs suddenly flew off the rails, lost for a short time control. Since then, they almost openly hate the oppressed in every way rules limiting and driven into a ghetto. In response, there was a CPA organization that fights for the rights of “augov” – that is, those equipped with implants.

Two years later, in Prague, where the action unfolds Mankind Divided It happens to be a terrorist attack, which was like standing augi. The irony is that it is Adam Jensen, an employee in the Operational Group 29 (this is a local Interpol) charge to enter the leadership of the CPA, and to arrest him. And Adam while only an augmented agent in the office. You to understand the situation in which he found himself, imagine that during the recent riots in the United States, when blacks were killed in the demonstrations white policemen, and vice versa, the local police office is the only African-American cop who entrusted to investigate the matter.

At Home Among Strangers

Writers of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided , as well as their colleagues from CD Projekt, Very well and correctly, and prevent the fiction of abstract things (in this case – the cyberpunk, Illuminati, transhumanism and other conspiracy theories), with more than relevant, close all topics.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided game review

Red-light district is implemented competently.

Almost immediately we find ourselves in an atmosphere of total discrimination, xenophobia and racism. Prague resembles not so much a typical cyberpunk metropolis, as the capital of a totalitarian police state, where the cops at every step required in augov, including Jensen, documents and send unreliable in suburban slum, in the ghetto for such kiberotbrosov.

At the same time there are powerful intrigue and a lot of questions. Why only in the cyborg team sent to hunt for the leader of the organization that defends the rights just augov? Who benefits and who is wrong? And even if all these bases, pursuing ambitious goals? Naturally, we substitute – and immediately Jensen old habit plunges into the vortex of new scandals, intrigues, investigations, and conspiracy theories. In which, incidentally, is the mass of references and explanations to the events of the past and the future, shown in different games of the series.

Jensen there, Jensen here! 

However, the very storytelling and overall structure of the game have not changed in comparison with the Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

There is an open city that we are free to explore freely, performing different tasks or simply hacking other people’s computers in other people’s apartments. And there is a mandatory story missions, when we desantiruyut in any place (in addition to Prague will be more slums for augov, Dubai, London) and order by any means (secretly or in the style of Rambo) to perform a specific task, to reach some important person. At the end of the mandatory waiting dialogue, reminiscent of the reception at the psychotherapist.

But it was all over – the city itself, tasks and dialogues. Prague is much larger in size than Detroit or Hansch of Human Revolution.

City pleases absolutely gorgeous cyberpunk design and architecture, the presence of this (well, almost) life on the streets, an abundance of all sorts of scenes with the participation of the citizens and the police, a combination of fountains, bridges, various buildings, shops where you can go and to trade, bars and brothels. Even I had to introduce a system of rapid movement across the metro – Prague is divided into several large blocks.