Ten of the best games in which you can rob caravans

If you do not know anything about this epic story, we have prepared a brief historical reference, namely the very letter of the user Kirill. We quote it in full, for you to understand what it is and, of course, maintaining a unique architectural style, punctuation and spelling.

Letter about “caravans”

Hello. I, Cyril. I would like you to do the game, 3D-ekshon essence is … 

The user can play the wood elves, guarded the palace and the villain. And if the user plays the elf elves in the forest, wooden houses nabigayut soldiers Palace and villains. You can rob caravans … and elves just wild to do something so that there is a dense forest … And the engine can be put away so that the trees picture when podhodish or converted into 3-dimensional trees. You can buy, etc. opportunities in Daggerfall. And the enemies of 3-dimensional, too, and the body is also 3D. 

You can jump, etc. If you play for the protection of the palace it is necessary to listen to the commander, and to protect the palace from evil (I did not invent the name) and spies, guerrillas elves, and goes on raids on someone else of these (elves, evil …).

 But if the evil … it means that spies or partisans elves sometimes attack the user himself, the commander can do whatever he wants will order his troops to him by the attack on the palace and go on the attack. All in the game 4 zones. 

Those. card and it has 4 zones, 1 – people zone (neutral), 2 Emperor zone (where the palace), 3-band of elves, 4 – zone of evil … (in the mountains, there is an old fort …) 

Just that the game could not only kill but also cut off the hands and if the user does not cure it dies, just to poke out the eyes but you can not die but just half of the screen does not see, or to get or buy a prosthesis, if the foot is also either die or budesh crawl or cat in a wheelchair, or the most good … to put the prosthesis. You can save … 

PS I dzhva year I want this game

Especially for those who “dzhva or more years waiting for this game,” as Cyril, we have assembled the ultimate list of projects in which it is possible, and sometimes even have to loot, including, and caravans. It’s funny that for nearly 15 years, these games actually were, so Cyril “schastliv” today.


Korowai Frenzy  – a game that is designed for letter-concept Cyril. This browser-based massive singleplayer online non-role playing game . Description features easy exhaustively: You can not rob or plunder the caravans, you can plunder a few caravans while missing all unnecessary and interferes with plunder.

Corovan: the Game of The  – another project that has appeared thanks to this letter. The game in the genre of Tower Defence, which aims to “rob the Korowai.” Elves from the letter of Cyril also present. The game is free and browser-based, but to find a working version of today is very difficult.

CowOwans  – came out in 2009 on the iOS .

Desert, post-apocalypse – setting similar to Mad Max (back to it a bit later) – an ideal environment for robbing caravans.

The game is free, but it has not been updated since 2009, so it can run into problems or do not work on Apple’s latest devices.


PayDay 2  – a game in the genre simulator robbery and the continuation of the game PayDay: The Heist. The developers of Overkill Software studio, in fact, the polished first part, which is literally taken over the world. A team game for 4 players already out on PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, and in June, appear on the current generation of consoles in a special version. All you need to do – to plunder! Select contracts, communicate with each other, to choose classes, but in the end – the right team actions will allow you and your friends to celebrate the victory. Five full classes, plus a variety of perks, changing characters and adding subclasses, more than 30 locations, parts of which are generated (layout of the rooms, security cameras and doors), a huge number of weapons – all this robbery simulator PayDay 2.

Hardline Battlefield – a game of Visceral Games and DICE, which we, by the way, recently wrote a review . In this case, we are talking of course about the multiplayer part of the project, since he focuses on robbery and confrontation of police and thieves. Many say that DICE to create these conditions is focused on success PayDay and it is clear: “Good artists copy, great – they steal.”

Max Mad – game from Avalanche Studios, which was postponed several times and is now to be released in September 2015 for PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4. It’s funny that while the Warner Bros Interactive attributed to the developers release a few times out, the film company Warner withdrew still fourth part of the movie about the adventures of max rockatansky Tom Hardy in the lead role. Premiere interkvela “Road Rage” (events occurring between the first and second part of the movie with Mel Gibson in the lead role) is scheduled for 2015. How long would the development of the studio did not subsequently licensed game of the film. One thing we know for sure – in the world of Mad Max “Korowai” plunder have exactly.

Fallout 3 – Fallout ashamed to play and not to rob caravans. In the third part there are traders who, oddly enough, travel the world just with caravans. And most importantly they can rob, but not necessarily. In Fallout: New Vegas is an entire card game about caravans. Its rules are somewhat similar to Blackjack, but there are some differences.

Even in the Assassin’s Creed can rob caravans! In the third part you can find a caravan, kill the guard, walk behind the cart and click on show button (QTE). Simply and easily. And in general, robberies in Assassin’s Creed, we can say, the sign of the series. The truth is, we just stole the bad and mostly desired on a plot things, and at civilians trying to steal the money, even if you really had to.

In May 2015 we are waiting for one more release in which it will be possible to rob. And that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt from CD Project Red. The final part of the history of the silver-haired Geralt of Rivia – is not only the adventures of the hero, his love affairs and feud with Wild Hunt. Witcher will have to kill monsters, using instinct, and not without theft: burglary chests, barrels and cases – this is the minimum of what we agree. Already in the epilogue of the game, Griffin attacks the caravan, which we “look around” and find useful things. Now the project is in the polishing stage, the staff CD Project already being tested game, searching for bugs and errors and strive to improve all-all-all.

It is difficult to do on such a list without the king of all games – the GTA the V . Ever since the first Grand Theft Auto – robbery in a series of Rockstar – it is something special. Beat idly staggering resident of Liberty City, San Andreas, Vice City or Los Santos, to rob his corpse, or steal a car, later repainted it, hiding from the police – all symbols of the most popular game franchises.

In this sense, the fifth part of the series – a model demonstration project, which came out in September 2013 on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, a year later, in November 2014 began to conquer the next-generation consoles, and April 14, 2015 (ie, after a couple of weeks), finally -What will appear on the PC. In addition to beatings, carjackings and burglaries in a single campaign, it employs GTA Online, which is available in “Loot” on 10 March. Therefore, if you have not played in GTA 5, and do not know who the Franklin Klinton, Maykl Taunli and Trevor Phillips – be sure to buy the game on a computer in a couple of weeks or already enjoy it on the consoles of the past and the present generation. In any case, it is going to be fun.