Cthulhu dragged into the digital abyss: Players complain about the inability to download The Sinking City on Xbox One

Digital version of detective horror The sinking city disappeared from the open spaces of the store Xbox one even from those users who previously purchased it. This happened as a result of a conflict between the developers of the game from the Ukrainian studio Frogwares and French publishing house Nacon… You can read more about it here.

“We are assuming that this was a technical error as we did not request the removal of The Sinking City from the owner libraries. We have contacted Microsoft about this and hope this issue will be fixed as soon as possible,” studio representatives said in a comment to TheGamer …

The nuisance is that Xbox One users who previously bought the game and then uninstalled it can no longer download it. Usually, if products disappear from the store, the option to re-download for customers remains.

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