Insurgency Sandstorm beta

Insurgency Sandstorm beta – Impressions

Proper tactical team shooter, which would use a realistic setting, and not to go to extremes such as the future, or a hundred years ago wars, very difficult to do.

In principle, tactical shooters at all interesting genre in which a decent game can be counted on the fingers.

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And the more surprising that the second part of the Insurgency Sandstorm beta , Insurgency: Sandstorm – not just claim to that title.

But as close as possible to the fact that it can be set as an example to other projects that want to conquer this genre.

However, only in those moments when the shooter really works.

I had 2 opportunities to play in the project at various stages of its development.

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The first time it was at the event by FOCUS in Paris.

Where we the developers tried very early build of crude,which did not work properly, even the menu.

The second – held on the weekend pre-release beta (9-13 August 2018), to be followed by another beta, but already 30 August.

So I can just say that progress in six months that passed between the two events enormous.

It is almost two different games, united by a common idea.

The closer to the release of the better and brighter the game in terms of gameplay content.

Insurgency Sandstorm beta

The new beta version was available 3 game modes – Push, Firefight, and the most common of them called Skirmish.

All of them are related to the capture and deduction of points, but in the Push, for example, need to capture them one by one.

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And in Firefight while still revive only if your team captures the point.

Otherwise sit and wait until a miracle happens, or until everyone in the team did not slaughtered.

Also available for the game were 3 big maps, and features Insurgency Sandstorm beta is that each card is big.

With open spaces, multi-level locations, and a large number of paths that lead to points.

Therefore, here and you can get lost.

And tactically to bypass the enemy, and to arrange an ambush.

Game modes that contribute to a very.

Players are divided into classes, each of which has a distinct role of its own in battle.

That is, it is not just a skin for your character.

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But a real person with a bunch of features that define the gameplay.

Someone with an explosive run, someone is using sniper rifles.

Weapons of choice is, and limits the rights of his choice for a particular class is not so serious that you can not pick up a build to taste.

But do not forget about the unique features of the class to create the desired character for the team, because only balanced team comes here to the finish line a winner.

The rest is not enough, or firepower, or health with the armor, or the ability to call in reinforcements at the right time.

Particularly pleased with the bunch of operator gunner and commander.

Which may cause the artillery, and helicopter support, or scatter all the fumes.

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This gives a significant advantage both in attack and attack, but at the competent collaboration of these two classes.

Insurgency Sandstorm beta

Take all the weapons and hang round with the best things at the same time does not work.

Because there are a limited number of points for the equipment.

So you have to sacrifice something.

If you want to create a build for themselves.

The extra grenade did not take, but the sight attached, for example.

And assemble a team of only snipers also a game does not.

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Because it includes the other restrictor, which somehow tries to make your team balanced.

This does not mean that you can not choose a very freaky build and run forward under bullets.

But the probability that the whole team in general will not be able to work together with such an approach is still lower than if the developers have given to you to choose whatever you want.

But the main feature of the game – not subjects, classes, builds, and even game modes.

The main thing to make a bet developers of the game and it has paid off, this approach to realism.

Enough to play can not be written in communicating arcade shooters.

And insufficient to be able to turn away from it casual and new players.

We have before us an example of a good balance between realism and fun gameplay.

So that each call to the game becomes a kind of test.

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You and learn to play the way you want.

And at the same time you can kill someone and feel steeper than a minute ago.

Insurgency Sandstorm beta

The formula is simple – all recorded and you hit to hit a target in the light armor rarely need more than 2 hits.

Even if it’s a player. Survive on the cards when there are many adversaries.

And they rod on all sides, it is difficult.

But after this fight feel like a winner, and this feeling is worth a lot.

And other players and bots pose a serious threat.

And robots do not behave like the uber-car.

Killing you from any distance – they miss the mark can.

And fail to react to the beginning of the battle.

And even try to attack head-on.

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But at other times they ignore your allies use their tactical advantage and can with a single shot to kill an important member of the team.

In general, they behave much like people.

Although it is and error in their scripts missing.

But the fact she and beta,

But the most challenging part of the game in its current state is related to the engine and graphics.

The project is not very good quality is optimized.

So that all the flies and works fine for some players.

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While others are sinking number of frames per second to a minimum and non-playable state.

Ways to deal with it even the gamers have written a lot.

Someone helped update drivers.

Someone has managed to transfer the game to the SSD.

But a complete solution of all the problems found and the developers will try to somehow resolve the issue to the next phase of beta.

We’ll see in a couple of weeks, they succeed.

Insurgency Sandstorm beta

Today Insurgency Sandstorm beta acts in a complex and not the most popular genre of dignity.

And although technical flaws and problems with some moments in the beta can still spoil the impression of the project to release it can really surprise us and show how to be a modern tactical shooter .

We can only hope that the creators of the game have time to polish the project.

So as not ashamed to recommend it to all lovers of the genre.