Knights of Valor

Arcades never die
In this title we will have to make way for the 20 different levels of play (5 worlds with 4 levels each), trying to make the best use of the combos of our arsenal and the objects found on the way. With the square key we will do normal attacks, while with the triangle we will wear a stamina to make a special attack, rechargeable using special objects or, more simply, repeatedly attacking the enemies.
With the circle button, we will use one of the different objects in our path, selectable with the right analog, while with X we can jump or dodge the attacks. At the right time, we can also use the “Fury” mode, which will allow us to slowly recharge our lives, increase the power of our attacks, and even make the most powerful of the special attacks:Kings of Valour, in its free-to-play nature, can be completed by all players regardless of their economic outlay, but obviously non-latent elements accessible more easily or exclusively through real money spending.
Knights of Valor
Insert Coin
To give you an example, at the beginning we will only have two characters: Guan Yu, the “Power” type, suitable for beginners, and Diao Chan as Speed ​​user, much more fragile in defense but intended to exploit longer-lasting combo and have in general a greater mobility.
In order to gain access to the other game characters (including two Skill members, with little effectiveness in close combat but useful to keep a large number of enemies away), we will have to spend a substantial amount of “Goshiki Stones” (our virtual money) or unlock certain very challenging achievements.
We will also have only 3 lives: they will recharge at the rate of one every 30 minutes spent out of the stage. It means you can not pause the game trying to take advantage of the recharge: in fact the lives will be recharged anyway, but you will not be able to use them during the stage. Once exhausted we will be asked to spend 10 goshiki stones to continue playing, the classic coin equivalent used in the arcade.
Additionally, our hero’s health will not be automatically recharged: we will have to use objects inside a stage or out of the reach of a lifetime to restore it to maximum health. There is, however, to be said that before our hero reaches level 11, our lives will be infinite, but once this barrage is over, the game will go for things that are small doses unless you are willing to invest.
Knights of Valor
Obviously, there will also be so much achievable without spending any figures, since in the title GDR we will find unlockable equipment that can be repeatedly rewritten with materials and silver, taken from various scenarios.
We can get them to the level of “+10”, which in some cases will allow us to “awaken the potential” of that weapon or armor: unfortunately to complicate things, when awakening, there will be a percentage more or less high depending on the rarity of the weapon.
Of course, if we are willing to spend other goshiki stones (in other words, money) we can secure a particular object that will ensure 100% awakening.
Even the leveling of our character will be limited: starting from level 19, every 10 levels will have to raise our character’s rank, providing us with various materials needed. Only once we have gathered all that we need will we be able to raise our hero again, while also providing a “talent” (as health or defense), which we can choose from the menu.
Raising the level is also crucial to unlocking skill points, with which to gain access to several new moves and further enhancements that are useful to the continuation of the game, so you need to manage your level progression with great care.
At a graphic level, this title is not technically exceptional, and often suffers from some “sobs” during the most engaging action: a problem that may arise from the “always online” nature of the title, and that also occurs in the single player campaign, ruining our combo sessions often and willingly.