Battle for Azeroth ”- review

Heroes World of warcraft managed to defeat Queen Azshara, but it did not work. On the contrary, everything only got worse: the ancient god N’Zoth was at large and already attacked Azeroth. This news brings Anduin Wrynn the black dragon Wrathion.

The way the first meeting of the Black Prince and the leader of the Alliance took place after not the best separation in Mists of pandariacan be seen in the plot video. He is shown at the very beginning of the quest line to receive the legendary cloak.

The Return of Wrathion is only part of the major content update 8.3 to “Battle of Azeroth“. This is the final stage of the expansion, and in the next few months, players will be able to end the invasion of the Ancient God and see how the relationship between the Horde and the Alliance develops further.

The legendary Ashjra’kamas cloak, Shroud of Resolve, is needed to reduce the effects of N’Zoth’s corruption. It gradually accumulates on players in new dungeons and invasion zones, as well as in the Ni’alot raid, which will open in a week.

However, many will prefer to delay acquaintance with the capabilities of N’Zoth in order to help two more allied races to join the ranks of the Horde or the Alliance. Passing a special chain of tasks will give those who have fulfilled all the necessary requirements to play as vulpers or mechanomes.

Vulphers know how to set up field camps in open areas and return to them at any time. Something useful will always be found in their bags. Their cunning and scent for trouble allows you to evade the first blow and suffer less from fire. Vulperes can be hunters, magicians, monks, priests, robbers, shamans, warlocks or warriors.

Mechanisms of the Rzhavobolt resistance are excellent artisans who always carry a set of professional tools with them. The Miracle Lock Pick allows them to open chests and doors, and the hyper-emitter calls for clones that distract enemies. In addition, the mechanomes study their opponents, and in the next battle with the same enemy become stronger.

The mechano-gnomes are available classes of hunter, mage, monk, priest, robber, warlock and warrior. In addition, those who pre-ordered the next add-on, Shadowlandscan create a death knight of any allied race.

For those who like the new or old allied races, until February 4, there is a 30% discount on special services. You can change the race for 945 rubles, and the fraction for 1120 rubles.