Insider: Sony may ask for up to $ 700 for the PlayStation 5 Pro

Company Sony Interactive Entertainment already working on the console PlayStation 5 Pro – by analogy with PlayStation 4 Pro it should be released approximately in the middle of the current generation. A well-known tech blogger and insider told about this with reference to his sources. Moore’s Law is Dead, previously noted by truthful publications.

There is no exact information on the specifications of the PlayStation 5 Pro yet, but we can expect a significant increase in performance compared to the base model of the PlayStation 5, Moore’s Law is Dead pointed out. The console will support 8K and is targeting users willing to pay for a hardware upgrade a few years after the base console debuted – the PlayStation 4 Pro showed Sony there are enough.

Moore’s Law is Dead also stressed that the PlayStation 5 Pro will not be talked about at the upcoming PlayStation Showcase 2021 presentation, or in general in the foreseeable future. Based on the information available to him, the blogger suggests that the premiere of the system may take place at the end of 2023 or in 2024.… In his opinion, Sony will ask significantly more for the PS5 Pro than for the starter models, namely $ 600 or even $ 700.

Moore’s Law is Dead linked the possible increase in cost to an increase in production costs and costs of new hardware solutions, among which a new single-chip system from AMD is mentioned. Be that as it may, Sony clearly does not want to sell the PS5 Pro at a loss, the blogger said. But its goal is definitely to release powerful iron that will not hit the face in the dirt. against the background of the Xbox Series X Pro

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