In the first trailer for Death Come True, the hero wakes up the first memories – review

Studio Izanagi Games released the first trailer for the future FMV adventure Death come true. The video lasts only a few seconds and shows us the main character, Makoto Karaki. Its creators submitted the other day.
Now on official website There was information about another character of Death Come True. This is Akane Satimura, played by Japanese actress Chiaki Kuriyama – she is easily remembered for the role of Gogo Yubari, a schoolgirl with a studded mace, in the filmKill Bill“.

Prior to the events of the game, Akane worked as a detective in the Special Investigation Division. Now we see her in the hotel bathroom: connected and also lost her memory. She and Makoto come to their senses in the same room. Now both will have to decide whether to trust each other.

The site also published a little more details about the plot. Under certain circumstances, Makoto Karaki may be sent to the past after death. These time moves should help him figure out who he is and why he is being persecuted as a serial killer.

Death Come True is going to be released on different platforms, including consoles. She will be provided with subtitles in various languages. In Japan, the game is due out in 2023.