The authors of Death Come True introduced the last character – review

Japanese actor, director and screenwriter Jiro Sato is known for his role as police officer Kanzo Mogi in the television series “Death note“. He also voiced the Japanese version of Pumbaa in the new version of “Lion king“. And now the famous actor at home will appear in the game Death come true.

In the future FMV studio adventure Izanagi Games Sato will play Kenichi Mino, the popular host of the evening news program. He looks sociable, friendly and carefree. However, the TV presenter should have a reason to be at this hotel.

According to the plot, the action takes place in a hotel, where for various reasons the heroes of the game Death Come True fall. One of them is wanted as a serial killer, but did the police correctly determine their target? Makoto Karaki has to prove her innocence, but for this we must by all means remain at large.

Death Come True – creator’s new project Danganronpa, Kazutaki Kodaki. The game will be released before the end of the year on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, iOS and Android. Subtitles are planned in a number of languages, although their list has not yet been published.