The authors of Death Come True introduced the hotel concierge – review

Japanese studio Izanagi Games continues to reveal the identities of participants in the future FMV thriller Death come true. And the last of the presented was the Yuki Kaji Sayyu, who, in particular, voiced Clemont in the anime series “Pokemon“.

Kaji’s new role, in which he appears “in full” for a change, is a hotel concierge who has not been given a name. This character at first looks like a pure embodiment of functionality: calm and calm. However, he knows the secrets of the hotel, so the concierge will surely play a role in what is happening.

Previously, the developers introduced us to another hero of Death Come True, Nozomi Kudzi. He is also a police investigator, like Akane Satimura. He is young, but he has already completed a number of successful cases. And now he is looking for a serial killer – the hero of the game, Makoto Karaki, is suspected of these crimes.

As we remember, the main character comes to life in a hotel room and cannot remember anything. Next to him is police officer Akane Satimura – and she, too, has lost her memory. But finding out what happened to them will not be easy, because detectives are already on their heels.

The developers have to submit two more participants detective story. And they plan to release Death Come True on consoles in 2023.