A long trip

The saga The Longest Journey – Dreamfall has a long journey and importance in the world of video games and graphic adventures . The idea came from the privileged mind of Ragnar T ø rnquist , who has designed and produced the three titles.


The original was developed by Red Thread Games and published in 1999 by IQ Media Nordic and reached a long list of countries in the world, including Spain, with one of the most sublime voice overdubs that we have been able to enjoy in the history of video games.


We live the story of April Ryan,a young and dreamy art student who was involuntarily immersed in a great adventure, being in his hands the power to save not one but the two parallel worlds.


These are Arcadia and Stark, magic and science, dream and reality. Two future versions of our own world, separated centuries ago by the emergence of conflicts between both powers and guarded since then by a Guardian (varying this one every 1000 years) to protect


“The balance”. April knew many territories, races and legends along the way, making great friendships like ” Raven “, a charming and funny talking bird.

Years after this epic and unforgettable adventure, its sequel came to us in 2006: Dreamfall. When the action was set 10 years after the events of the first


game, we were able to meet and incarnate a new heroine born of the current world: Zoë Castillo , whose mission began under the premise “Save April Ryan”. This adventure was more focused on Stark, the technological world, letting us know the


” Dream machine“(sleep machine), an entertainment device that allowed its users to live pre-programmed lucid dreams, but behind this apparently attractive idea was WATICorp, a large corporation whose real objectives were far from being well-intentioned.


discovering that the devices served to harvest the memories of those who would use it In Dreamfall we could also meet Kian Alvane,  a soldier and elite apostle believer of the


Azadi, sent on an extermination mission of those considered “impure”: the magical races , throughout the world of Arcadia, finally sympathized with our beloved April and changed her mind about her beliefs, refusing to follow the orders that came to her.

Dreamfall Chapters (PS4) screenshot

Chapters of a complex history

Shortly after the arrival of a third party in episodic format was announced, to continue and conclude the history of the saga. The first chapter came exclusively for


PC on October 21, 2014 and the fifth and last on June 17, 2016. For this reason it was more advisable to wait for a full version that contained the whole, although many fans could not contain ourselves and we


play out. Today we get to PC, PS4 and XBOX One the longed for version, ” Final cut “, where we have 5 chapters (13 episodes, honoring the original)


together, plus a patch that improves many aspects that gave problems such as animations, the character design, the lighting or the gameplay itself.

The five episodes or “books”: Reborn, Rebels, Realms, Revelations and Redux (Reborn, Rebels, Realms, Revelations), continue the story right where Dreamfall left it. With Zoë’s body in a coma, her mind is very active in “DreamTime”, the place where those who use the

aforementioned Dreamachine are. It has become a dangerous addiction, causing nightmares to some of its users. Taking Zoë we can help and free some of them, giving them the advice to stop using the dangerous machine. When we get awake


from the coma we do it in the cyberpunk cityof Europolis, in Stark, in a dystopia worse than that imagined by Orwell, where there is a constant strict police surveillance


and little individual and political freedom. Most people use the sleep machine obsessively and our protagonist does not remember anything lived to date. However, memories begin to emerge in his mind as soon as he connects to a Dreamachine, accessing


Arcadia, the magical world and meeting his old friend: Cuevo. Together and with the help of new and old allies, they must find Lux, the first “dreamer” that according to legend dreamed and created the world originally.