“. hack” has been a franchise that the last decade had a boom to develop its history through different media such as anime series, video games and even novels. In the field of video games we saw the saga of four titles starring the characters of Kite and Black Rose appear on


Playstation 2 from 2004 on European soil. The peculiarity of the game was to present an online multiplayer (MMO) gaming experience in an offline environment


by presenting the game interface as an operating system, Altimit OS, which serves to execute various applications, including the game “The World” , which is the main engine of the game’s plot and adding the peculiarities of this type of games.


Two years later, in 2006, the second round of games was presented, “.hack // GU”, which, unfortunately, only reached the United States on its way out of Japan.


Today, fortunately, comes “Last Recode”, a title that collects all three games together with the extras that each game included in a single format, adding a fourth volume totally new for the occasion.


.hack / GU Last Recode (PS4) screenshot


The plot is placed  7 years after the events of the tetralogy starring Kite  (Infection, Mutation, Outbreak and Quarantine) and 8 months after the anime series “.hack // Roots”. The original game “The World” has ceased to exist due to a fire that


affected the servers in which the CC Corporation stored the data. However, it is shortly after “The World: R2” a new version of the game that despite its great acceptance among players ends up being a shadow of what was  due to the proliferation of players PK (Player Killer) .


The protagonism falls on Haseo, who in the first instance (during the tutorial of the game) is a new player who does not know the ins and outs of “The World”. After this short journey to know the most essential details of the playable aspect, the game passes to a time lapse of eight months after that fact. In this time Haseo has become  a feared player to be a PKK (Player


Killer Killer or murderer of killer of players) whose nickname is “The Terror of Death” (The Terror of the Death). However the goal of the boy is not to enjoy the game but to find information about a mysterious player known as Tri-Edge, which after an attack has left his

partner, Shino, in a coma that does not manage to wake up. Following a lead provided by Ovan, another fellow adventurer, Haseo heads to an area where he


finally finds his target. However, its power is not enough to deal with it and in the end it receives the “Data Drain” attack that causes the game to restart, eliminating all accumulated personal data and returning its character to the initial level.