Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey

Arcadia more return
The story of Dreamfall Chapters begins right where the previous chapter was interrupted, and it was inert in a continuous interweaving between sections set in the magical world of Arcadia and in the future dystopian of Stark, continuing in the wake of the classic dichotomous fracture between the kingdom of the arcane arts and the one governed by science.
The young Zoë Castillo rests in stationary conditions in his seemingly irreversible coma, while the world around her is again threatened by the WATScorp, ready to plagiarize the minds of all humanity through the launch of the dreamachine, a visitor able to stimulate the subconscious of the users, bringing them to be able to shape their dreams as desired.
Meanwhile, in Marcuria, the Apostle Kian Alvane is in jail waiting to be sentenced for his betrayal of Azadi’s occupation troops, saying he has ghettoed and deported thousands of citizens belonging to the so-called “magic races.”
The streets of both are obviously destined to be crossed again, and with Zoë’s awakening and Kany’s fleeting escape will trigger an intricate event dominoe that can leave the suspended player up to the last of the 13 chapters proposed.
Getting into the details of gambling situations, especially given the extremely narrative nature of the title, would be at least risky, but it is fair to anticipate how many of the questions and issues left in the previous adventures are finally found in Dreamfall Chapters a worthy conclusion. other new questions will be subjugated in our minds, making the truth nothing more than a chimera.
Among the cameoes of the historical characters of the series and the introduction of nice new entries, the title will hold us a continuous series of shots, some indeed a little forced, enabling the product to enjoy one of the most exciting narrative works of the latest years. 
All this also thanks to the smooth dialogues masterly interpreted by the British singers, who help to form very intriguing characters and to create a hilarious sketch (exploiting in particular the devastating impact of Shitbot’s dementia and the inevitable verve of our beloved Crow).
Not a problem, however, is like a similar game, which is based on extremely complex narrative facts, which is really difficult to understand for those who find themselves in his first “shift” in the magical lands of Arcadia.
Indeed, in spite of the presence of different sections aimed at introducing characters and situations to the newcomers of the series, the sensation is that the new work of Ragnar Tørnquist is nothing more than a grandiose and magniloquent quote of past adventures, overwhelmed by the situations of tickling the palate of the faithful fans of The Longest Journey ‘s saga , who had been calling for a more harmonious conclusion for the storyline abruptly interrupted by the second chapter, and who had readily funded this project once proposed on Kickstarter.
Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey
Under the sign of Libra
If, as we have said, the narrative system is virtually inapplicable, with a few small bumps, the gameplay of Dreamfall Chapters lends itself to more than a few critiques.
The gameplay is very similar to the one seen in Dreamfall: The Longest Journey , which was already an important breakthrough in the “old school” setting of the saga master. So we can move our protagonists to a third person in a 3D world to say the truth is not very interactive, collecting the few objects of our interest and combining them in case of need.