LEGO Movie The Videogame

If something we have learned in recent years in the world of video games, is that everything can be done with LEGO . The classic lifelong toy of assembling and dismantling pieces has long since entered the world of consoles with various iterations licensing some of the great movies and comic characters. The Star Wars trilogy , characters like Indiana Jones or Harry Potter and the most recent successes in the form of Lego Batman 2, The Lord of the Rings or the unsurpassed date Lego Marvel Super Heroes 


are part of the history of the generation of consoles Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. Now comes LEGO Movie The Videogame, a title that takes advantage of the release of the film (since February 7 in our cinemas) to give another twist more to the LEGO formula that works so well. In addition, it also appears on Wii U, PC and the new Xbox One and Playstation 4.

TT Games has been able to polish the formula of LEGO games in recent times. Although titles like the trilogy of Star Wars have their charm for the fidelity with the original saga, the fidelity of the recreation in the form of Lego Lucas Arts universe and its high replayability, the great leap of the franchise – if we can consider it like that compendium of LEGO games –


came with the second part of Batman and the DC Heroes. Here TT Games decided to open the proposal to a sandbox style and not closed adventure,


in addition to taking a step forward by adding other elements such as voices to their characters. Yes, we kept the chapters to be overcome in a specific order, but we had an open world in which we could enjoy the free game by exploring and doing extra tasks.

Well-known characters and others totally original, the compendium of protagonists is interesting.
Well-known characters and others totally original, the compendium of protagonists is interesting.

Titles as Lego Undercoverfor Wii U they took the formula of the sandbox even further, although the great reference currently within this universe of


demountable pieces and yellowish characters is the latest Lego Marvel Super Heroes. To the main chapters are added large spaces to explore and a compendium of unlockable characters simply memorable based on heroes and villains from the Marvel factory. The LEGO Movie: The Video Game (as it is known in Spain) tries to maintain


the virtues of this last iteration and expand horizons with interesting novelties in game mechanics. It is still a LEGO with the good and the bad, and also comes so close to the recent releases that inevitably the feeling of exhaustion in certain elements is evident. But it’s fun

The story of this release is linked to the movie of the day. The Megamalo is the great enemy of a world that wants to become its own thanks to the achievement of a devastating artifact. While he tries to get this element he runs into Vitruvius , an old man who reminds us of Gandalf irremediably, and two historical figures like Shakespeare and Cleopatra.


When the good ones are defeated, a prophecy is launched that at some point a chosen one will find a piece capable of ending the evil that lurks. And many years later comes into play Emmet, the protagonist of this adventure. A normal guy, away from the great heroes who have capitalized on the previous installments of the TT Games series. But ingenious enough to become the great savior of the LEGO humanity.