Death is only the beginning

Everspace is a spatial roguelike with intuitive gameplay and colorful graphics, a title that despite being procedurally generated is divided into circumscribed areas and is content to field a few factions with a rather simple behavior. The outline, however, is rich and also includes two upgrade systems, one that requires a reset when we are forced to start over after leaving the pens and an atypical for the genre, permanent and designed to gradually decrease the high initial difficulty .


Everspace combines fast, intuitive roguelike, science fiction and space combat


Cross between space shooter and roguelike, Everspace is a title that asks us to cross a series of areas often full of enemies in order to jump, using a portal, to the next sector. To do so, as in a simulator, it is necessary to have enough fuel available and we can find it by eliminating enemies and diving into the plasma fields.


In parallel, with the aim of increasing our chances of preserving the only life available, lost which we have to start over, we have the task to explore shipwrecks, retrieve lootings of all kinds, use them to improve our ship and survive fighting to the best of our ability. But skill is not enough in a title that in addition to facing a demanding challenge does not scruple to catch us unprepared.


In a couple of occasions, save for a hair but with the compromised vital support, we found ourselves condemned to death for the lack of resources necessary to repair the ship and the slow, implacable agony was anything but pleasant. Perseverance, however, can reduce contingencies.

Death is just the beginning

We are talking about an atypical roguelike that unlike most of its similar provides a slow but permanent progression system, based on perk, on unlockable loadouts and on a series of improvements to be found and installed on the ship that complete a very rich picture of options. And it’s good that this is so since the gameplay, to the bone, is very simple.


The action revolves around two primary weapons, missiles of various kinds, some consumable items, any boosts and propellers that allow us to move more quickly even along the four axes to be able to dodge enemy attacks. The classic key to activate the lock on a target completes the heart of a title largely


based on the saving of missiles and on the search for resources that allow us to trade and repair, or building, components and systems of the ship.


A ship that despite the arcade nature of Everspace has a specific weight and is subject to inertia even if it is extremely easy to control even in the middle of the fight. And it’s an extremely fast fight that’s damn fun and intuitive, built to allow us to pay close attention to movement and energy management.


This, in fact, is necessary to make both primary and post-burner weapons work and it is essential to avoid running out, which happens with great ease, in order not to remain helpless before the enemy. And for this reason consumables such as energy injectors are a very useful resource. For the rest, once cleaned an area of ​​enemies and resources,


Although fragmented into medium-sized maps, the universe of Everspace does not make us lack a good variety thanks to black holes, mines, hordes of enemies and even fights with the articulated bosses. In the midst of all this chaos things can get complicated, especially when mother ships and suppressors come into play that need to be neutralized in order to leave an area.


When the opponents are too many it is advisable to use the asteroids to protect the terga and maybe wait for a second faction to enter the field giving way to escape too many squadrons. But even when luck is on our side, it is not always easy to raise the anchor in time to save the skin and this regardless of which of the three difficulty levels we have c


hosen, each of which, thanks to tons of modifiers, the experience changes significantly. In any case, the possibility of permanently enhancing the ship, buying the perk between a restart and the other, allows you to unlock and enhance effects that can make it easier to save the skin. It ranges from reducing damage to increasing the possibility of causing critical damage to get to the possibility of not being damaged by attempting a jump with low fuel.