here are so many ways to die in this challenging roguelike action game that the normal thing would be to get depressed and leave t


he game, but no! You never give up, you never stop trying. Each time you get further, resist better the enemy’s attacks, and feel more prepared to survive a space adventurewhich is pure spectacle. For the epic of some of its battles but, above all, for its fantastic staging, for its ability to make you feel within a vast universe of science fiction.


The anger of suffering a bloody defeat is quickly forgotten in a video game that does not stop tempting you to “try your luck one more time”. You need to get to the end of the route, whatever it may be, and until you get it you do not stop! Even though this is not exactly a simple task. Like any Roguelike adventure worth its salt, death at Everspace has a high cost: losing


all the objects and resources that you have found so far. You start from scratch !, or almost, because with the money accumulated in your trip you can unlock several technical improvementsfor the three ships available in your hangar that are permanent; Whatever happens will continue there. Greater armor, attack power, ability to accumulate more weapons


or special modules … there are a handful of options to choose from, and several levels of progression for most of these, so failure after failure, you will feel more prepared for face the tough odyssey in the space proposed by this game from Rockfish Games , an independent studio formed by some of the creators of Galaxy on Fire.


And greed broke the sack

If something I like about Everspace is that, in one way or another, it always makes you feel guilty about your failures. You have died from ov

erconfidence, from believing that you alone could be against an enemy corvette, or from not paying attention to details; for not looking at all th
ose explosive mines that in bad faith are scattered in the cold outside space. It is cruel, implacable, but you do not feel that it is an unfair game. The options are there. The possibility of jumping into hyperspace and escaping from one problematic sector to another rarely disappears; another thing is that you
want to do it leaving behind you a big booty , which is important !, because in your trip you must collect credits and raw materials essential to repair the ship in case of serious damage, trade with the various civil ships that swarm through space, or improve the quality of your weapons and modules during the course of the game.


Everspace analysis

On your trip you will find civilian ships that you can attack to collect large sums of money and raw materials but … do you really want more enemies?

In the end, everything is based on decisions . Which weapon you choose, why you choose modules, if you keep a missile defense system or bet for the plasma mines. And all this leaving your destiny in the hands of randomness, because in each new game you face different challenges. Change the configuration of the galaxy, the type of enemies that cross your path, the resource


s you find during the trip. And it’s great! Because in this way that point of terror that generates not knowing what is to come disappears. I do not exaggerate. When you enter a new sector, crowded with enemies, and you have no choice of jumping into hyperspace ..


. well, you can get an idea. You will face the action with extreme care, watching over the safety of a ship that takes little time to jump through the air in a game that has no compassion for mistakes. At the minimum you are dead and there is no turning back. That’s why it was important to create a good combat system and the truth is that Everspace does not disappoint … although it does not surprise in excess either.


Everspace PC

It makes you feel inside a vast universe of science fiction

The handling of the ship transmits good sensations and depending on the weapons and equipped improvements you will fight in one way or another. From a distance, using stealth, overwhelming rivals with bombs, plasma and shrapnel from all those t

urrets that you have installed in the vehicle; anything goes in a video game capable of leaving you speechless with the spectacular nature of some of its battles. I miss some other option more, like dodges and stunts to surprise the rivals, as well as a better artif
icial intelligence on the part of the enemies, who do not always show especially ingenious at the time of approaching you. They attack the beast, as if they did not care much about their lives, and that can sometimes be frustrating when you find yourself cornered without too many options to escape.



Each of the three available ships has lots of improvements that can be unlocked with money. Thanks to them you will feel more prepared to survive space.

Thanks to special objectsLike the mines, shield generators or computer viruses with which to hack enemy drones you can choose several combat strategies, but sometimes the action feels somewhat limited. Also, in the medium term, the game can become som


ewhat tedious in its initial compasses. I explain. When you have taken the trick to Everspace to overcome the first sectors almost becomes a walk, so the real fun can be made to pray more than expected, when you face more powerful enemies, or problems as rad


ical as the eruptions solar or nebulae that interfere with your systems. I’m not saying it’s boring, nothing could be further from reality, but in a title that depends so much on repetition, it would have been great if it offered more variety in its action.


Everspace PC

It really is a show, its staging is so incredible, it’s hard not to marvel at some of its locations, which are also quite varied. The explosions, the lighting effects, the modeling of ships and space stations … Everspace takes advantage of the Unreal Engine 4 an


d, with an outstanding graphic section, you want to explore every corner of your universe. It is meritorious, because in addition it has been endowed with a good plot background that encourages you to investigate more and more in the goings-on of that warlike conflict in which you have been immersed. It does not offer an original story , but it is interesting and ingenious in some points, like the justification of why, again and again, your pilot comes back to life.



If you do not like to live the action from inside the cabin there is available a third-person camera with which you can also enjoy Everspace very well.

In some way, the decisions you make also affect the world around you, and it is something that I value very much. Is it worth attacking civilians for a little fuel ? Will you be able to attack a merchant’s ship to enrich you? The option is there, nobody prevents you, but you have to stick to the consequences, and although gasoline is essential to survive, and sometimes its shortage can


be dramatic, putting against colossal warships usually does not end well. And that is why I liked Everspace so much. It is a special game, to which you can spend dozens of hours and not get tired, either because of its large graphic section -I’m dying to try it with


 virtual reality-, or because of its challenging action. It still has things to improve, game mechanics to refine, but it offers a roguelike space combat experience that is worth trying. Hopefully in the future the catalog of available ships will be expanded, since the current three know little, and it is another way to try new and fun combat strategies.