Piacere Zorro (cit.)
EVERSPACE was one of those classic games that, after a Kickstarter campaign started in 2015 and the many appreciations gained during the Early Access phase, he suspected he could stay in that limbo for an indefinite period.
ROCKFISH Games did not turn the back on the community that the shooter had in the meantime accumulated, did not sit on the laurels enjoying the titles of a playable yet incomplete title, and indeed, he clutched the sleeves to create the glue, that trait d’union that kept together the good things already seen in early access.
However, the potential has remained partly unexpressed in the jump towards the publication of the “unopuntozero”: do not get me wrong, the clashes are still thesis and passionate, the code is more stable and clean and have been added more details, but the story that guides the player through the rogue gaming sector and structure is clearly one to the other, creating a strong sense of déjà vu, only partially mitigated by the casualness of the levels.
Fiction is entrusted to a series of cutscenes that come into play by advancing one sector after another – but occasionally even in a rather casual way – and bring to light the story of Adam, a rebel pilot lost in the galaxy.
The protagonist is not Adam, but his many clones, the ones that the player manages on board the ship and this finds work, because it is indispensable to justify the roguelike component and the permadeath. Little by little, through flashbacks and some decisive encounters, Adam’s past sprawls into the pseudo-memory of his clones and resumes a brief but devastating war involving all areas of space and left clear traces in the immense floating stations now ruined and in the pirate ships that rush in every sector .
I would like to tell you more, but the truth is that the basic voice acting makes the interplay between the past and the present of the various alter ego less engagingthe roguelic structure, where another one happens shortly after death, puts the story completely in the background and thins the thread .
In this area, the only positive note is the jumble between the pilot and HIVE, the artificial intelligence that manages the interface of the ship, always ready to punch so many Adam with a veiled sarcasm, even after another death .
Frankly, after a few hours of play, Adam’s, his friend Seth’s and the war’s history did not interest me much. Is it the fault of the poor talents of ROCKFISH Games writers? Only partially.
My little attention was not enough time to relax and let go of history, especially because it was captured by breathtaking views, made of nebulae and immense planets, bursting with explosive explosions caused by the unstoppable cache of Okkar ships, defensive G & B drones and turrets , where I, aboard an ever more powerful ship, drifted to my head.
EVERSPACEconsists of over twenty sectors, each of which is divided into several sections. The latter are sandbox arenas, randomly inserted in the various runs, where it is nevertheless rare to see clear signs of recycling in the environments. The goal of the player is quite simple: get enough fuel to advance through the levels and sectors, intercepting the space tunnels and the portals that link them.
Practice is far different and more complicated, because every scenario hides the ever-growing pitfalls as it progresses for the galaxy: in the early days it was easy to get rid of enemy hunters, but when dozens of droniers appeared on the screen. of enemy probes had put all the sensors and radars in my ship KO, the situation has become much harder.